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Reviewed by Emperor Palpatine Well, the NES is probably the best system ever. Only those who, for reasons beyond my understanding, sold there NES disagree. Then again, that is merely my opinion, I could be wrong. However, Even those with an all-consuming obsession with the system must confess that even it made some very bad games. "Spelunker", from Broderbund, is a perfect example of this.

Graphics: 7 out of 10

The only decent thing in this game is it's graphics. The character you control is fairly well-done. Unfortunately, the bad guys are done somewhat poorly. However, the rest of the game is done well. Fairly good graphics overall. Of course the graphics aren't all that make a game....

Music and Sound: 3 out of 10

This game was obviously originally a computer game. That is the only reason why the tunes are so badly done. It is also annoying to hear the "Game Over" music, but that is probably just a psychological problem for me. The only reason I gave the music a three is because it is not nonexistent

Game Challenge: 4 out of 10

For me, the challenge can make or break a game. This game is certainly difficult, but it is not challenging. Death occurs phenomenally easy; anything from taking a blow to even falling half an inch will kill you! You should not have a time limit if you die so easily, but you do. Only the most hardcore gamers will find this game challenging.

Game Play-Fun: 1 out of 10

Another bad thing in this game is that it is no fun. You'll be cursing it too much to find any fun at all. Thanks to the terrible gameplay, it is also very easy to miss ledges you're trying to jump to, thus causing yourself to die. You are VERY easy to entertain if you find any fun in this game


Because just about anything can kill you, you'll probably be cursing this game non-stop until the cows come home! You're a skilled player if you last thirty seconds without dyeing, and the ghosts that periodically appear will force you to use your your flaregun a lot. The problem is that the timer speeds up every time you use that flaregun. And when the "Game Over" screen shows up, the fact that you can't cancel it's music will destroy your last bit of sanity. Game Value Even if you miraculously manage to beat this game (assuming it actually ends), you probably won't return to it. This is because it is incredibly frustrating and is truly one of the worst, most truly unenjoyable games in history. Why anyone would choose playing this abdominal trash a second time is far beyond me. If you purchased this piece of crap when it first came out for $40-$50, you got screwed badly. As a matter of fact, if you purchased this game recently for 4 bucks, you still got riped-off. . I would not pay one cent for this game!

Overall: -3 out of 10

"Spelunker" is lacking of a single redeeming quality. I, who can almost always find some way to like a movie, am instead disgusted. Broderbund has made some excellent games in the past (the "Carmen Sandiego" series springs to mind), but this time, they messed up. "Spelunker" is not a game to just put down; it is to be hurled with great force.

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