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2-In-1 Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

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Reviewed by Ty Massei

Graphics: 5 out of 10 Sound: 7 out of 10 Gameplay: 7 out of 10 Hardness factor: 7 out of 10 Overall: 7 out of 10

Graphics: For the NES, the graphics were okay. Enemies are very original, Characters look fitting to the stories, though the backgrounds are a bit too plain. These games probably have the most normal graphics in the whole NES game library. Sound: Music (for Super Mario Bros.) is interesting and if you've never played the older Mario games, it's pretty cool to hear some of the old music. Duck Hunt, however, did not have very good sound. Shots were fake, the only music was in the very beginning, and that dog laughing at you is enough to drive you up a wall. Gameplay: There are two different games in this one cartridge. The first, Super Mario Brothers, was the game that started it all (well, for consoles mainly). This classic sidescroller has levels that vary, multiple enemies per level, and even some animation when Mario runs! (Wow!) It set the standard for later NES games. Duck Hunt (where you must have the Blaster to play) was also very original and fun. You shoot at your screen and try to kill ducks, or clay pigeons in another mode. Hardness factor: Duck Hunt is pretty much a breeze, but Super Mario Bros. is pretty hard. For one, the controls are pretty bad, and you can't control Mario very much after he jumps. It takes a lot of practice to get it right and beat the game. Overall: 7 out of 10. This game had nice graphics, gameplay, and sound also. It also paved the way for better and more advanced games. Definitely go buy Super Mario Bros. if you've never played it.

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