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Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt

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Reviewed by Brendan Kemp Super Mario Bros. is the original of the large Super Mario Bros. line of games by Nintendo, the most recent of which is Mario 64. Super Mario Bros. is your basic side scroller. You walk, run and jump from left to right, while bopping thing on the head, or throwing fire at them. You are trying to rescue you princess, who has been kidnapped by the evil Bowser, and along the way, you rescue several other princesses who have been kidnapped by other dragons. You meet a few different veriaties of enemies a long the way. The main challenge in this game is the landscape, and finding a way to get further along without falling off the bottom of the screen, which kills you. Duck Hunt appears to be a little game that was just tacked on, to add value to Super Mario Bros.. In Duck Hunt, you shoot the ducks that your dog flushes for you. You can only let so many duck escape unharmed, or you have to start over. As you progress through the levels, the ducks fly faster and more of them appear at the same time. This game requires the light gun, to shoot the ducks.

Graphics 7 out of 10

Super Mario Bros.'s younger siblings, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3, simply beat Super Mario Bros. down in this catagory. Super Mario Bros., however, has not too bad graphics, for an old Nintendo game. There is certainly no trouble seeing things or recognizing them. Duck Hunt's graphics are badly pixlated, worse off than Super Mario Bros graphics. Never the less, you can still recognize everything, although the effect is not as pleasing as something like RC-PRO AM 2, or Super Mario Bros. 3.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

The music in Super Mario Bros. is not all that bad. It's the typical happy Nintendo music, but it gets old really fast. Metroid, or even Zelda beat the game here. If you go on a crusade to beat this game, the happy Nintendo music will be stuck in your head for a good while. The sound effects are pleasingly simple. If you get a coin, it makes a cool dr-rr-r-rr-up! sound. Duck Hunt lacks music, and the sound effects are sparse, but it does have a kewl gun shot noise that is almost realistic. So, it doesn't lag or excel in this area.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

Super Mario Bros. is certainly a long game, with plenty of challenge. Even the masters would not buzz through this on the first try. But the beginner, like myself when I started playing this, can plod along nicely, discovering things as you go. Duck Hunt, however, I don't know if that game has an end. The ducks just go faster and faster, so I guess it's challenging, but not in a fun way.

Game Play-Fun 7 out of 10

Super Mario Bros. certainly has great gameplay, but Duck Hunt brings this score down. It really isn't any fun at all. I loved going out to rescue the princess, in many different landscapes, but shooting the same ducks again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again isn't any fun. Super Mario Bros. alone deserves a 9/10, but Duck Hunt 4/10.


Some of the tricks you had to do in Super Mario Bros. were too hard. but that wasn't a big deal. In Duck Hunt, the gun always seemed to not let you hit the ducks in the later levels. That was frustrating.

Replayability 7 out of 10

I would like to go back and beat Super Mario Bros. one last time, after that I wouldn't play it any more. It's kind of like you've discovered all the tricks so it's not as fun any more. Duck Hunt, however, if you like it, challenges you to beat your previous scores and those of friends.

Game Value 10 out of 10

Oh yeah, for the $5 that NES games are selling for nowadays is a small some to pay for such a cool little adventure.

Overall 9 out of 10

Super Mario Bros. is cool, buy it. Duck Hunt isn't, but it comes along with Super Mario Bros., so you might as well take it.

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