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Paper Boy

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Reviewed by Jack Bladel A port of an arcade classic, the NES version of Paperboy is a classic in its own right. You are the Paperboy, who must give subscribers their paper every morning...but with numerous obstacles to your success in the way. There is even an actual obstacle course you must go through to finish your route (this serves as a sort of bonus round after each day's normal delivery route). An interesting note: Despite the fact that the word "boy" is in the title, Paperboy seems to be one of the most successful games at appealing to both boys and girls. Pure Nintendo fun has no gender bias!

Graphics: 2.5 out of 5

The graphics in the NES version are nothing special, especially when compared to the graphics in the arcade version. The clever cartoonish style of the original is intact, though, and the color palette is limited but sharp. I have not encountered much flicker or slowdown.

Music and Sound: 4 out of 5

Fairly subtle background music, but very prominent and effective use of sound effects -- car horns, crashes, and that ::blllloooop!:: sound you hear when you hit the front door/mailbox with a paper.

Game Challenge: 3 out of 5

Expert console gamers will probably say this one is way too easy. I say this about that: It's not so hard that you can't enjoy the whole looney-tooney atmosphere going on around you, or that you will get frustrated very quickly. As such, I'd say Paperboy's challenge is easy-to-moderate, and that helps out in the next category: gameplay.

Game Play-Fun: 5 out of 5

The category in which Paperboy really shines is gameplay/fun. This isn't a dry paper delivery simulation; this is a cartoon with YOU as the main character! Breakdancers, construction workers, skater dudes, drag racers, tornadoes, cranky old ladies, annoying little long-haired dogs, and even the Grim Reaper (!) will try to stop you from your appointed rounds. The controls are tight, so you can focus on the action and not worry about having to throw the controller across the room out of frustration.


Very little. Not too hard, you can probably play this one with fairly young children and have a good time. Paperboy is all about fun, not showing off your lightning-fast reflexes.

Replayability: 4 out of 5

You may have little trouble getting to the end of the game, but you can always try to top your high score. Moreover, Paperboy is so darn much fun that you will want to play just for the wacky atmosphere, and maybe some nostalgia as well.

Overall: 4.5 out of 5

Paperboy is a simple yet delightful action game. The simplicity is a plus, as it keeps the experience light-hearted and entertaining. Paperboy is the perfect way to take a break from Ninja Gaiden, or whatever other super-hard game you have been playing, without having to turn off the NES.

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