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Reviewed by Carl Most people don't care for this game. I don't think it is so bad. the graphics are about average for an NES game. The game is fairly easy. That is why you have to start over after each death. (One hit and you die)It is annoying when on the map scene the ship constantly hits things and that when you hit something you automatically have to go under the water. The jelly fish bombing scene can be annoying when your doing good. It takes you out of your rhythm. Most people can't keep Jaws' power meter down to zero. It is easy once your at the third skill level. The game is so easy that I can beat it in under ten minutes every time.

Graphics C

The graphics are neither horrible nor great. The side screens are pretty cool. Seeing Jaws's fin come out of the water is pretty cool too. I like the graphics from the final battle scene and the graphics from the ending credits. However the graphics during regular game play are quite bland. Jaws looks more like a guppy than a menacing great white.

Music and Sound D+

The soundtrack is just simple computer based music. The only good songs is the Jaws theme song in the beginning and the song at the end of the game. Otherwise, the music score is rather weak.

Game Challenge F+

This game is very easy. It only takes ten minutes to beat. Simply collect shells, go from port to port until your skill level is 3, enlilate Jaws, stab him with the boat and it's all over. This is probably one of the most simplistic games ever.

Game Play-Fun C+

If you don't dilly-dally around this game can be moderately fun. After a certain amount of points you will find a mini sub somewhere in the ocean that is pretty cool. The game can get repetitive,however. If you have little patience, then this is not the game for you. However, it doesn't take too much patients since the game can be beaten in ten minutes.


For some this game can be VERY frustrating. One hit and you are dead and have to start all over from scratch. Than means you lose all your money, Jaws gets all his power back, and you loose all your bonus items. However, only, scrubs get killed in this game. It is very easy thus not very frustrating. Basically, if you suck, this game is going to frustrate the living daylights out of you, but if your a stud, it wont.

Replayability C

Since it can be beaten so quickly it can be played over and over again. However it can get old after a while.

Game Value F+

It was not worth the initial $50.00 or however much it costed but it is worth $.50 now.

Overall C+

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