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High Speed

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Reviewed by Bill O'Toole III

Graphics: 8

Although the graphics of this pinballer are good, there have been better. Really, though, these graphics are pretty good and do a good job of emulating the actual pinball board (and it's a pretty complex one) for an NES cart. Could have been a little more colorful, but they get the job done.

Sound: 8.5

The sound in High Speed is quite good and even features some digitized speech (a big accomplishment for the NES). The music is okay, but it gets faster during bonus rounds and when you when extra balls, which actually raises your adreanaline rate. The key here is the right music in the right spots.

Play Control: 8

What do you expect? It's a pinball game! Great play control isn't really needed here because you're not going to be pulling off any flashy moves here. You're just flapping those little flippers found in the pinball machine.

Fun: 8.5

If you really like pinball games, then definitely go for this. You'll absolutely love it. I'm personally not a pinball fan, but I was at FuncoLand and asked the clerk about this game cuz it was sitting on the shelf. I wanted a racing game, so I was disappointed when he said it was a pinball game. But, he said it was great and all he played through the 80's was the real High Speed pinball machine. So I just said what the hell and bought it. Well, I ended up enjoying it very much, so this proves you don't have to love pinball to like this game. The bonus games are really fun, though!

Challenge: 7

Since this is pinball here, you're greatest enemy is usually yourself. However, Tradewest has thrown a few hazards down on the pinball board such as water, helicopters (equipped with missiles), these orange things which eat away at your flippers, and some other stuff to watch out for.

Replay Value: 8

Well, it can be different every time you play, so this one delivers on replay value. If you had a pinball machine in your living room, wouldn't you be playing it a lot? This game also supports four players and has hidden bonus games which add to the replay value.

Overall: 8

In short, if you're a pinball fan, get it. Even if you really don't like pinball, I still recommend picking this one up. However, if you're a big NES fan and have seen almost everything, then you should DEFINITELY check this out. This could be the perfect find!

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