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Dragon Power

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Reviewed by Charles White

Graphics: F+

OOOOOOk, I have zero idea what is what in this game, the graphics are absolutely terrible. On the box there is a picture of this cool looking muscled up kung fu dude and the guy you are playing looks like a monkey. I'm not kidding, I thought he was a monkey the first time I played it. His black belt has a lot of slack on it and it drags behind him (I guess its supposed to look cool or something) and it looks like his tail. The enemies are confusing. They are all made up of 2 colors, either blue and white or brown and white, they look like chopped off bear or wolf heads with feet. and when you kill them instead of going poof or blinking into oblivion in that classic Nintendo style they fly off the screen in the direction you hit them at a million miles and hour. There is this wise old dragon you meet and he's just a bunch of balls and a head (ok a lot of old Nintendo games where there is a huge killer snake is always made out of invisibly connected balls but this one is very stinky). The land is stupid looking, are those rocks? Are those pipes? I can't tell. The game switches between overhead Zelda style for when your traveling the ancient Chinese mountains (that look like, um hell i don't know, they look like something) to side scrolling for when you face a boss. The bosses are hilarious! They are so badly drawn (?? programmed??) 98% percent of the bosses are deadly shogun samurai's that look like 15 feet tall grisley bears with huge swords mauling a little pink monkey who is always smiling. Later in the game you go to outer space and you have to fight this 50 foot tall robot. This robot, is silver, his body is a huge rectangle that takes up half the screen, he has 30 holes on his rectangle body, he has a square head with two eyes and stick arms and legs. These holes on his body are guns that fire while balls, it is sad. And how tall is the monkey/man? There are scenes of dialog where you talk to this blue haired girl and she towers above you, I thought you were supposed to be a skilled 30 year old muscled up Kung Fu master.

Music and Sound: F

Bad Nintendo music! When people say "it sounds like bad Nintendo music" they are referring to Dragon Power's one and only 20 second music track that repeats itself over and over and over and over and over and over throughout the game. Its very annoying. Its bad Nintendo music. The sounds are your standard beeps and blops, nothing special.

Game Challenge: B

What makes this game so challenging is trying to figure out what the heck is going on. The land is confusing enough to navigate through. You have this time meter thing that is always ticking down, everything you kill and enemy these little black dots float around and you collect them to make the counter go up. I have no idea whats going on in this game.

Game Play-Fun: D

This game is not fun at all! Lame action, lame story, LAME LAME LAME! This game is so stale. The controls are very loose, I wish most games could have this kind of loose and crisp controlling.


Your counter runs out in one minute and it takes forever to defeat a walking bear head so you can get his black dot. The bosses tower above you, you have to go up to them and punch them to death while they roboticly swing their screen length swords up and down. The game is also LONG. This is the longest and stalest game I have ever played. Its so LONG! I used some game genie (i always hated the name GAME GENIE) cheats on it so nothing can kill me to check out the rest of this horrible game before I let it collect dust forever and it took me 3 hours to get through. I was killing enemies with one punch strolling through this game with no problems and it took over 3 hours. There are no puzzles to solve either, its just straight forward lame action. I guess what made things so slow were the lame dialog scenes, the words slowly spell out at 1 mile a year and these characters have a lot to say.

Replayability: F

After one play you'll never want to see it again. This should be a little hard to find. Its not a real gem and not worth owning. You should not pay any money for this piece of crap. If you get it for free they better include 3 more games with it!

Overall: F

Totally boring and lame game but I have to give them some credit, there is no other game like this anywhere.

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