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Dick Tracy

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Reviewed by Tim Wells With all of the big hub-bub of the N64, many hard-core gamers have overlooked the one system that started it all, the NES. Although the games may not have 3-D accelerated graphics or stereo sound, there are still some that, in my opinion beat the games of today. Of all the game formats, there is one that I no longer notice. What kind of game am I talking about? I am talking about the mystery. These are similar to RPG's, but they are a direct action game. That means that you can run around and fight. There's no cursors moving around here. It's pure Nintendo-style action. Of all games that fit this category, the one I choose as #1 is Dick Tracy. It is easy to understand, and very fun. You are the greatest detective slooth of all time. Your mission is to solve various missions. Yes, this means that you do have to think a little. At the same time you must dodge bullets and shoot up some gangsters. This game is even a little bit challenging, and, of course, it never gets boring.

Graphics 8 out of 10

The graphics on this game are some of the best that you can find in Nintendo games. They are quite clear although there are a few times when an object is blurred. Still, the graphics are quite excellent compared to other NES games.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

This is no Donkey Kong Country sound track, but, for a Nintendo game, it is quite impressive. The music is different and does not repeat often. The sound effects are also effective.

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

If you are a first time player, you may find difficulty figuring out what to do. It is quite simple once you get the hang of it. It is a mystery game. Therefore, you have top gather clues and solve mysteries. Don't worry. Every level will start with a clue. This will help get you started. You might want to write the locations of things as well. This will help you remember things. Also, there is a record in Dick Tracy's office.(this is the room where each level starts)

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 5

If you like mystery novels or movies, then this game should be quite fun for you. You can't get bored because of various plot twists. I, myself, love the game.


Some times, you may not know which building to go to. Just always review your notes. This should help. You may also have difficulty staying alive on the way to a building or in a level. Don't worry, there is always at least one building that you can continue to reenter and fill your life. You should do this after every mission.

Replayability 10 out of 10

You cannot get bored with this game. Just remember, don't cheat the second time around. Try to play without taking notes. This may add more challenge to solving the mysteries.

Game Value 5 out of 5

I only paid $5 for it. This is quite a good deal, even for a Nintendo game. If you can find it for that cheap, you should buy it. If not, I wouldn't spend more then $10. After all, you never know what condition these older games are in.

Plot Creativity 10 out of 10

It's probably just me, but when I see a game that has plot twists and various play modes, I see that as creative. The creators of this game did a swell job.

Overall 89 out of 100

Overall, I love this game. I think that if you are a collector, owning Dick Tracy is a must. It is one of the more complex and interactive games on the Nintendo gaming list. BUY IT now!

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