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Championship Bowling

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Reviewed by Tony Jensen The power comes on and the sounds start. You see a strike bowled and then........a penguin waddles by?!?! That's the way Championship Bowling's title screen begins you then have the option of what lane you will bowl on and how many bowlers there will be.

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics are decent for NES standards. The movements won't inspire anyone, and the background isn't breath taking. Neither was Burger Time but it was the fun style that made it easy to look at.

Music and Sound 4 out of 10

No one spent sleepless nights programming the code for the audio. The sounds are passable but there aren't that many. It gives the game a "It's quiet...*TOO* quiet" feel and can bog down play.

Game Challenge 9 out of 10

The game may look simple but is *MUCH* harder. The standard to see if you can do well is to be able to beat a 200 score. While other bowling games I have played were easy to arrive at this, THIS game was not. I bowl in real life and it would take just a little bit more to learn to bowl a 200 for reals.

Game Play-Fun 7 out of 10

The difficulty in figuring out each lane and character is what starts to make this game fun. But, as with all games of this sort, it is tons more fun to play a friend and crush them. (this is so great because it can bolster self esteem, give you bragging rights, and cure cancer!!!) As you get better it is only fun to show off. Which is easy to do, your friends won't be able to catch up right away.


The frustration with this game comes when you get somewhat proficient at it. The better you are the less fun it is to play alone. It gives trophies for hitting 200, 250, and a perfect 300 but it isn't enough when you get the 200 score trophy regularly.

Replayability 6 out of 10

The more you play the less you will want to play again unless there is someone to play against. Still it is very hard to get a 300 and I am not sure what the game does if you do.

Game Value 7 out of 10

This game is worth the price partly because of the challenge and partly because of it's rarity. It is harder to find and was not very popular, so most won't know about it when you ask.

Overall 6.5 out of 10

To me this game is very fun. But I also like to bowl in real life. If you are going to buy this game I would recommend it *IF* you had also bowled in real life before. Otherwise the scoring and principles of the game are hard to grasp without a rule book.

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