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Alien Syndrome

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Reviewed by Joe Fringe stuff is cool. Anything rare or odd or bizarre, I like it. Alien Syndrome is my type of game. First of all it is unlicensed (which means Nintendo didn't oversee its creation). This is always good kind of a "fight the system" thing. Second, the game was made by Sega. Yes, THAT Sega. It seems that Sega adapted a few Master System titles to the NES when they figured out that only about 3 people in America owned a MS (I know one of them). Tengen gladly released them to make Nintendo mad. Plus, the game is gory and violent always a plus on any pre-Mortal Kombat game. In fact, the game has only one TEENY flaw....... but I'm getting ahead of myself.....

Graphics 7 out of 10

The codemasters behind the scenes did a nice job transferring the game. I've never played the MS version, but the graphics look great on the NES. Each level has a different "theme", the aliens look nice and bizarre, and the bosses are fantastic! Plus, there's blood! And a massive death scene for every boss! Neat in my opinion. There's a little fuzziness around the edges, but that's about the only problem.

Music and Sound 5 out of 10

Standard. No better or worse than any licensed NES game. The soundtrack seems to consist of the same tune over and over, with the same boss tune over and over. It's a nice tune, but it does get annoying after a bit. But this isn't the flaw. Oh no, that just happens to be the......

Game Challenge 2 out of 10

I beat the game on the second try. THE SECOND BLOODY TRY!!! And I'm not really that good! The game consists of six stages on each one you must save a bunch of "comrades" of yours (they're all RED too... hmmmmm....). Unfortunately, they are all in the same location every time you play. And you're told where they are too. But wait, aren't there foes and bosses and evil hordes to impede your quest? Not if you get the laser. Just find the laser in every stage, fry the aliens as you run to your Soviet allies, and kill the boss. You'll win in under 30 minutes.

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

The ease at which the game is beaten adds to the fun though. You really feel like you're a superhero blasting away the fiendish invaders, and plus there's the (unintentional?) Communistic undertones to add to the high spirits. And who doesn't want to see blood gush in an NES game?! Dang prudish censors.... Oh yeah, you can pick a male or female hero very modern.


FRUSTRATION? Yeah, sure! I guess if you're fighting the boss with anything other than the laser, thing could get tough. And that level 6 boss is a tricky one. But really, anyone can win this game.

Replayability 4 out of 10

Well.... you could try and win without the laser..... or with a hero of the opposite gender, even though the ending is the same. Beyond that, not much to come back to.

Game Value 8 out of 10

Funcoland will rock you 4 bucks for this. Go ahead, just don't pay more than six bucks for this. It won't last.

Overall 6 out of 10

Great graphics, great playability, great history. An oddity and a rebel too. But it's easy. It's just TOO EASY! In a way, this is the mirror image of Rolling Thunder, another Tengen title. Both are great games, but the challenge wounds them badly a drunken horse can beat Alien Syndrome, and few humans can beat Rolling Thunder. Overall, Alien Syndrome is above average, until you win, which could take you less time than reading this review did.

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