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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Reviewed by Dogg Yup it's that time again. Another year another Tony Hawk game. Neversoft, developers of the first and second game in the series have brought us the sequel to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and that sequel is called Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. This version has already been brought out on Sony's console and is now being brought out on Nintendo's new console the Gamecube. The Gamecube version of the game is almost infinitely the same as the Sony Playstation 2 version, and they all follow the same premises, but for a reason this Gamecube game lacks something that the PS2 version had and that my friends is online play. But chances are almost nobody bought Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 for the online play so you are still offered many choices. Anyone who's played any Tony Hawk game in the past will feel right at home with this version. Part 3 of the series gets rid of many of the stuff that killed Tony Hawk 2 and it also fixes up many of Tony Hawk 2's biggest mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes in part 2 was the use of money. In that game you had to use money to get moves, specials, and a lot more stuff. Getting money was crucial to beating that game and I simply disliked that. Tony Hawk 3 gets rid of the money system and to now advance to another level you will have to follow the simple level objectives. This also makes this action sports title, also like a mission themed action sports title. If you are looking for many new gameplay elements, then please look away. This game offers up everything that was seen in the past and just puts it into new levels. But if the “manual" changed the way part 2 was played then part 3 has to have something to change the way this game is played? Right. Well this time instead of the manual there is the new revert move. The revert can almost change the way this whole game is played and the revert is only done with one button. Wow! If you are worried about this game lacking many other new moves, ( or tricks ) well then you are wrong. This game offers up many new moves. There are also even more new moves. Many of these new moves come in the form of freestyle tricks and many more. Plus if you do not think your character has any good tricks then you can always adjust them so you can make sure that your character has the best moves. Speaking of characters, this game has many of them. From Tony Hawk to Rodney Mullen to Mtv's Jackass star Bam Margera. The only problem comes in the form of new characters. Let's face it all these characters are from the past 2 games and the only reason Bam Margera is in here is because Bob Burnquist signed on to be in another game. But many will still like the characters this game features no matter what these characters are cool and have proven time and time again that they are pros. Each character also has his or her special move. At first you start out with 3 special moves, but as you progress you will soon unlock many more making you racking points up quite easy. Also there is a broad selection of choices to choose from, from a 900 maneuver to a Christ Air maneuver. At times you think the choices this game offers are endless and that is actually what this game is trying to prove. We all know that when you choose a character, that your character would not be perfect. In the past games if you opened up more levels then your characters got more stat points. In this game however, you actually got to find the stats yourself. Now the stats are located all over the levels and getting all five of them in an area will be quite a task. In this game stat points will “up" one area of your characters stat meter. At times it doesn't look like a big change to your character, but you will soon find out that stat points will be quite crucial to your boarding adventure sort of thing. The PS2 version of this game offered everything with a mixed bang and its biggest icing on the cake came with controls. The Gamecube version however, suffers from bad controls. These take a long while to get used to and it also shows you how meant Tony Hawk 3 was for the Dual Shock Controller. However, with practice comes perfection. This means I recommend you try out Free Skate for a while to get used to your characters moves, because you will need a lot more help in this Gamecube Tony Hawk 3 quest. In my opinion the game's worst feature comes in the form of 2 player mode. I mean this game needs much more options for full access to a 2 player type game. Still the main purpose to buying this game comes in the form of single player mode, so 2 player will be the least of your problems. The game offers slightly improved graphics over its PS2 counterpart. The problem comes with how the framerate acts. At times it can be the reason for a bail and many other stuff. Framerate issues aside, the graphics themselves are still pretty darn good. As is the sound. This game's soundtrack is made up of many hip hop songs and many rock and alternative songs. Songs from Del Da Funky Homosapien and Alien Ant Farm are just some of the soundtrack features in this game. You can tell that Neversoft's biggest goal came in the form of the soundtrack. This game also offers an improved Create A Player mode as well as an improved Skate Park Editor. The game also runs faster than the PS2 version making this version almost superior to the PS2 version. The problem is lack of online play. And trust me this might turn down some, but hell you didn't buy a Gamecube nor this game for online play anyway so you can just forget about that. This game also has many secrets to unlock. These secrets range mainly from getting new characters, but let me just tell you that the new characters that are yours to unlock are a good selection and chances are you never expected those characters to be in there. Overall Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is definitely worth a purchase, if not a weekend rental. But if you guys got both a PS2 and a Gamecube then I suggest you invest yourself on the PS2 version because it is just more abundant on secrets and in options.

Overall: 8 out of 10

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