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Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2

Reviewed by KasketDarkfyre Until I picked up this title, I hadn't found a good Star Wars game that truly brought to life the feel of being in the pilot's seat of one of the infamous ships that came from the movies and the numerous, if not infamous battles in the old Star Wars movies. With several different missions to accomplish and several different levels of challenge, you'll find that everything that the first Rogue Leader started out with, the second game for the Game Cube delivers ten fold with stunning visuals and challenging game play! If you thought that the first Rogue Leader was tough, you'll find that the second installment is something that is completely different in the ranges of difficulty and what there is to open up. Secrets abound, as well as familiar locations will greet you at all points of the game. Strategy is key, just like with the original game, and if you've played the other Rogue Leader, then you'll find that there is nothing here that you really can't keep up with. Taking into consideration that the game features some of the most visually pleasing scenes and action sequences in any Star Wars game to date, so if you're really into the Star Wars Universe, then you'll find this to be the game that you've been looking for! The game play is everything that you would expect from a good action game. For most of the missions, there are a certain number of objectives that you must complete within a set time frame in order to continue on through the game. Where some of the more intricate parts of the game play come in, is with the different medals that you have to find through exceptional skill in the different battles. Through these battles and depending on the objectives that you manage to make through, you'll find that the game takes on a different game play style, in which you unlock the bonus missions! In your race to the end of each stage, you'll find that the difficulty throughout the game increases depending on the ship that you decide to use in some of the missions. Where some of these missions are limited to one ship, you'll be able to go back through some of the other ones and use a ship of a completely different style and power. Through successful playing, you'll find that there is a ship that will match your playing style and overall performance, which will allow you to get the different bonuses and ultimately unlock the different bonus ships and bonus missions! Control wise, Rogue Leader offers you some of the best control interfacing that you'll find with a Star Wars flight game such as this. However, you may find that the overall scaling of the game is harder to control in the different missions and can be a little more difficult when the battles go full scale. Through the training missions, you'll be able to get the different aspects of the control down in a better fashion, which is a plus for those of you who have never played the game before! With all of the different control functions that you can find with the ships, no matter what it is that you're using, being able to go through the different functions will help you in the long run. Controlling your ship and firing is nothing more than just lining up the target in your sights and then opening fire on whatever happens to come into your crosshairs. This can become extremely difficult if you're facing off against ships that are faster than the one you are piloting, so be prepared to do plenty of running and dog fighting throughout the various missions. Visually, the game is about as stunning as it gets, and for the amount of design, detail and cut scenes that are thrown in for good measure, it's hard to find another game in the Star Wars library of titles that truly brings to life the detailing that this one does! With the amount of stages, designs and overall speed throughout the game, you'll find that there is nothing here that you can find wrong with the way that Rogue Leader is presented, and in the end, it's of movie quality. There are different styles of the camera angles, in which you can peer out through the pilot's seat, and you can see the intricate detailing through the wide angled chase view in which you have a Tie Fighter on your tail. Although the game really doesn't show the extreme intricacy of the different space battles, you'll still find that the overall design and flare that this game brings to life is exceptional in just about every way! Audio wise, you have plenty of mood filled tracks that literally put you in the middle of the action. Through the use of the various themes in the movies and through other games that you may have played in the Star Wars line, you'll find that the different themes and tunes found here are nothing more than an added bonus! Different stages all seem to have their own amount voice overs that are taken straight from the movie, and you'll find that they really do add to the overall feel that the game has to offer you. Sound effect wise, it's nothing short of amazing, and with the CD format that Nintendo has taken on, there is nothing more fulfilling than the sound of the TIE Fighter flowing from one end of the room to the other on the stereo speakers. This amount of effort and work that is put into it truly makes the game something special, and the audio effects that you hear really show what can be done with a Star Wars game when done correctly! Rogue Leader is an awesome game that has absolutely few flaws other than it runs out of different options to play through when you've been through the game more than once. The different ships that you may unlock later on and the bonus missions are truly amazing to play with, but there is still an amount of game play that you'll find is missing and that is with replay! With the amount of effort that has been put into the game, you'll still find that Rogue Leader is a phenomenal looking and sounding game that truly sets the standard for any other Star Wars game that may come out. If you're a Star Wars fan, then you'll find this to be the end all, be all action game with the Star Wars theme that has yet to be topped by anything else. However, if you're into games that require you to have a little more depth and more game play options at the end, then you need to look a little further, because this is nothing more that visual flare and story line fill ins here.

Overall: 8 out of 10

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