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SSX Tricky

Reviewed by KasketDarkfyre As a Play Station 2 owner and fan of the SSX games, when I ventured in the Game Cube territory, I bought a few games to go along with it and one of those was SSX Tricky. Although I was expecting something a little different, I found that Tricky hasn't been replaced with anything, but actually reproduced for the Game Cube in the same fashion that the one for PS2 was released! The visuals, audio and otherwise are all here, but there are a couple of things that I found to be seriously wrong with this version of the game, and all of those things comes in with the controls and the way that the Game Cube controller is set up. Otherwise, you're playing the same game that you may have played on the Play Station 2, and with no real noticeable changes other than that control set up. If you can get through the control scheme and you've played the game before, then you're in familiar territory. However, if you've never played Tricky before on another system, then you need to buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! The Game Play is all about hot and heavy racing with plenty of flashy tricks thrown in for the hell of it. Most people when they pick up a game of this type, they look to see what kind of tricks they can do from the very beginning. In the original SSX, you had several good looking tricks that you pulled off with some monstrous effects to win either medals or increase your little turbo boost meter to help you through the rest of the stage. In SSX Tricky, it works on the same basis that the better your trick and the faster you spin, the better off your boost total is going to be. Now, where the first one merely enhanced your speed, SSX Tricky offers you a new Tricky meter that allows you to hammer out some Matrix-style tricks that not only catch your eye but add up for high scoring combinations. Through doing special Tricky maneuvers, you'll find that you can light up the word Tricky and therefore give yourself an infinite Super Boost through the rest of the stage! The game is divided up into two sections in the World Circuit series that allows you to do either a downhill race of the Show Off competition. Both of these allow you to build up your character statistics in order to better their attributes in the form of speed, trick speed, edging and stability. The better the medal that you receive, the better your attribute distribution points are going to be in which you can turn your rider from a fresh meat rookie into an SSX Master! The Race option pits you against five other racers in a three heat race across several stages which encompass all of the original tracks and two new ones {Garabaldi and Alaska}. You would probably think that the stages would all be the same, but the tweaking on the game play really shows in which the stages have been redesigned to add more challenge in both the downhill racing and the trick competition! Most of the changes that you'll see is with the overall layout of the game, in which you have to learn to utilize the shortcuts that permeate the stages, both new and old. The Show Off competition allows you to pull off the various tricks while collecting point multipliers to increase your score into the hundreds of thousands. In Show Off, you'll find that all of the stages with the revamping have really paid off, considering that the stages in Show Off are geared for tricks and tricks alone! Grinds and high flying jumps litter the stages, and the better the trick, the higher your boost until you hit the top of the adrenaline meter and turn it into Tricky Mode. In Tricky Mode, you can then start turning out super tricks that range from BMX moves {Barspins, Superman} to MX moves {Nac Nac} to other various X-Games style maneuvers that are really out of this world. Again, the better you do in the competitions, the better your medal and the better your medal, the better your attribute point distribution will be. In gaining the gold, you can unlock other characters and new boards as well as new stages to compete on, and with enough tricks, you'll unlock new character outfits to wear during your races! Because of the strange set up that the Game Cube controller has to offer, you'll find that pulling off the different tricks is a little more difficult than it was with the Play Station 2 version. With the set up being strangely different, you have to learn how to use the two triggers on the top and the Z button, which allows you to run through with three out of the four originally used buttons! This essentially cuts down your possibilities on the different tricks and what you can do with your rider, which will catch most SSX fans off guard, simply because of the strange lack of tricks. However, in order to pull off those insane looking Uber-tricks, you have to hit two of the top triggers along with the B button. For those of you who have played the Play Station 2 version of the game, you'll find that the severe change in the way that the game handles and trick buttons are going to take a little getting used to. If you've never played the game before though, then you'll find that the game plays like a dream with just a little practice and a working knowledge of what's going on with each of your riders! Visually, the game is full of eye candy and not as muted as the first one seemed to be. With the new additions to each stage, new paths and shortcuts, new and old, you'll find that SSX Tricky is one cut above the first in this area! With the characters ranging from the cute {Kaori} to the truly psychotic {Psymon} you'll find that SSX Tricky offers more variety in the visuals department than the first one did. All of the stages have simple lighting, but heavy detail in the way that they are all set up. Even the tricks and the outfits that your character of choice wears looks sleek and well defined, and the Uber Tricks are something that have to be seen to be believed! There is nothing like watching a character in mid air release his board, pick it up, spin it around their neck and then drop it to the snow before they land to really make you appreciate what good programming and testing time does. Plenty of snow boarding game makers can take plenty of lessons from EA Sports, because this one does have the right stuff. The audio here in SSX Tricky is first rate, with some high profile names doing the voices for the characters. Billy Zane {Sniper, Titanic}, Macy Grey, David Arquete, and Jim Rose {Jim Rose's Freak Show} all perform the voices for the characters that you find here as well as other high profile names in the entertainment world. To add into this, the tracks are mostly mixed by the Beastie Boys DJ to create a truly pulse pounding and adrenaline pumping soundtrack that keep the pace of the game at a full clip. The voice acting of the introduction with the selection of boards and outfits as well as the overview parts of each stage really make an impact on the ears and will leave a lasting impression! Overall, SSX Tricky is the game that SSX was to the Play Station 2. If you've played the original game, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, but if you've never played the series before, then you're really in for a good treat. With the amount of character, tricks, options and stage redesign, you're really looking at a game that shows what happens when you do a good sequel. Other than the cheap difficulty at some points, there really isn't much that I can find with the game that is wrong, or even remotely wrong, other than Eddie. There isn't a reason to have hair that big and that orange in any type of game. For the SSX fan, or EA Sports junkie, SSX Tricky is a game for the Nintendo Game Cube that will have your thumb pads blistering and your boss calling you because you call in sick all week to play it. Serious snow boarding fans need not apply, because this one, unlike most of the others, is just for fun.

Overall: 8 out of 10

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