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Resident Evil

Reviewed by KasketDarkfyre When I look back over the years at all of the games that I've played on various systems, there is nothing finer than playing a start to a widely favored genre when it's revisited. Resident Evil on the Nintendo Game Cube is just that, a revisitation to a game that most of us have played years ago when the fighting game giant, Capcom, moved into the survival horror world. You have a game that scares the hell out of you, even if it is a few years old! The storyline that you may have found in Resident Evil years ago is back, but with a few twists and game play changes that make it a slightly different visit on a familiar face. You take control of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, both of whom are recruited into a rescue unit known as S.T.A.R.S. Following after a mysterious disappearance of another team into the mountains of Raccoon City, the secondary team is drawn into the dark mansion and apparently a deadly plot. Most gamers will find that the game play is just that of past Resident Evil games, where you control a character and move from place to place while collecting items and blasting the undead. However, there are some changes that you'll find here in which the game has been worked over for the best to complete some past problems. First of all, the puzzles in the game require a little more thought and the enemies need to be taken care of a certain way in order to keep them from resurrecting themselves! The challenge in the game is no longer to just find things and simply blast them, but to actually use your head and your ammunition accordingly. You'll find that the game simply does not allow you to kill every last enemy in the game, and if you're not careful on what you expend your bullets on, you may end up fighting with little more than the knife. Speaking of enemies, the zombies have been changed to mutate in certain areas, which means that burning them while they are down is your only course of action. One other impressive feature to the game play is the use of Defensive Weapons which will allow you to escape from an enemies grasp with some rather gruesome results. This was a problem in previous versions of the game, in which you couldn't escape the damage which was given to you at any point in time. With a letter opener, you can now defend yourself by stabbing the attacker in the neck or eye, giving you a few scant seconds of breathing room to either fight or run! One problem that the game does have is the way that the control is set up. Even with the buttons on the Game Cube controller literally giving you access to every facet in the game, there are some problems with the movement of either Chris or Jill. The analog stick is a little too loose in some areas and the directional pad is virtually useless when trying to avoid an attacker that is right in front of you. Auto aiming is back though, which does help with targeting the closest possible enemy to you. Visually speaking though, Resident Evil is a complete and total make-over from the original version of the game found on the Play Station. For all of the lighting, background effects and even flickering candles, this is truly the way that the game was meant to be seen. Darkness follows you, candles and shadows follow with your movements and even the way that the mansion is set up gives new insight into the way that it was originally intended to be seen! If there is anything in a Resident Evil game that could possibly take the smooth character textures and amazing backgrounds to the next level, it's all right here. The audio that you find here is also greatly improved. With different effects in most of the areas, there is little here that you'll hear twice aside from the grunting and groaning of various creatures that inhabit the mansion. The music has been given a darker feel and really sets the mood of the game without ever going too far overboard. You'll need to listen to the sound effects at all points in the game, simply because you cannot see around corners and you'll need to listen to whatever is growling, moaning or hissing at all times! For a remake of a rather famous game, there isn't a better version available for the time being that really immerses you into the world of Resident Evil. With the storyline intact, the voice acting fixed and some impressive cut-scenes that really close the original story together, there is very little here that you'll find wrong. That is, unless you've played all of the previous Resident Evil games. There are some points in the game where the challenge may seem a little intense, but it's still an impressive game nonetheless. If you're looking for a good scare on the Game Cube until future Resident Evil games are released, then you're looking in the right place. With nothing more than some new item placement, new enemies and ways to defeat them along with some pretty cool defenses, this is a game that you have to experience and literally unlearn what you've already learned. For those who haven't played Resident Evil, this is the game for you. For those who have, this is a good way to rehash something that literally started a trend!

Overall: 9 out of 10

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