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Luigi's Mansion

Reviewed by James Wardle The european line-up for the Nintendo Gamecube was quite amazing. Star Wars, Super Monkey ball, Luigi's Mansion, Sonic Adventure II and other good games. The downer for the launch is the absence of Pikmin and Super Smash Bros: Melee. However, Luigi's Mansion and Super Monkey Ball are the only games I need at the moment. Now the two games I got are very, very original. The one you are reading about is Luigi's Mansion. The game feels like a cute version of Resident Evil, and a fun version of Casper for Playstation. The idea is one mansion... ghosts instead of Zombie's... A Vacume-Cleaner style machine instead of a shotgun and an electrician instead of S.T.A.R.S. officers make this game hard to miss. Moments from starting the game, you will begin to love Luigi's mansion. The load-up time takes less then five seconds to get to the "Press Start" menu. In the introduction, we see how much we love all love our little green man when he is walking through the woods looking at a map. The story is about Luigi winning a contest he never entered, and he won a mansion. Luigi tells Mario to meet him at the mansion, but when Luigi gets there, his porky brother, Mario is nowhere to be seen (For once... It is usually Mario who stars). Luigi picks up enough of his courage to enter the mansion. After a certain amount of time, Luigi gets scared when a key floats in the aair, all by itself. Luigi picks up the key and enters a door and inside it is an old geezer chasing a ghost around a room with a vacume cleaner. The old man turns out to be a proffessor who works with ghostd. Hre gives Luigi some quick journy and tells our infamous hero to run along and rescue his brother, Mario! Controlling the vacume cleaner devise is a task itself, no matter how much training you have at first. You will get used to it, however, it is not the ideal control system that I expected a few months ago. You see, Luigi moves with the grey movement stick. You position your torch/vacume with the yellow stick, press A to turn the toch on and off, and the R shoulder button to turn the vacume cleaner on. Then we have the Gameboy Advance- I mean, Gameboy Horror which shows the map of the mansion, shows where which key goes where and also acts as a first person camera. These are very good features, I must admit but you have to use just about all of these skills just to get one ghost. Each room in the mansion contains a puzzle. Usually it is just getting rid of the ghosts in a room and get the key, but there is more to it then that, for example in the study, there is a hidden ghost who enjoys reading books, and will not be sucked up easily, you have to catch him off-guard by waiting for him to yawn, then strike. There are many ghosts like this which takes a bit of thinking to beat the game. That is the fun in it in my opinion. Miyamoto, the creator of Mario did a fantastic job on showing the ammount of detail the Nintendo Gamecube can pull off. As soon as you go in to the main hallway of the mansion, you won't believe your eyes. The cold air that Luigi breathes out, the animation when Luigi hoovers up a tablecloth, the blowing movements of a curtain in the wind and the detail on everything really. There is no limit to what Luigi can do, like search drawes, put out lights, read books for clues, spin around in the ballroom and even cry out Mario's name in a cute and scared-like voice. Poor Luigi, I hope he knows what he is letting himself in for. Like most Mario (hmm... this is a Luigi game...) game's, there are many bosses for you to take care off, and because Mario is not in the title does not mean this game is an exception. Luigi will encounter only a handful of bosses, but they are fun to fight and patterns change over-time. Finding out for to defeat the bosses is both fun and rewarding! My only complaint in this game is the lack of music. The lack of music is there to create an atmosphere, and the sound effects like thunder, lightning and groans match that of Resident Evil... though it does give you a bit of a jump. the music that is there is good, and proves that Mario music is not cute, it shows how well it is done in a certain enviroment. One or two music pieces are cute though, for example the save theme (which is also Toad's theme tune). Many say that Luigi's mansion will only last a couple of hours as it is so easy. As a gamer who like's his games to last, it is best to take your time on Luigi's Mansion, enjoy it, explore everything like you would on Shenmue, experiment with everything and have fun. Even if you manage to beat it within days of buying it, you will never regret going back for "one more go!". Good - Luigi has his first starring role since Mario is Missing - A unique, original, gorund-breaking idea - All the fun you need - The detail in the game is amazing Bad - On the short side - Lack of Music - Why Luigi and not Wario? Only kidding, Luigi is fanatastic! Alternatives: Resident Evil, The Resident Evil remake, Casper for Playstation and even Mario is Missing...

Graphics - 10/10 Music - 5/10 Sound - 8/10 Story - 9/10 Gameplay - 9/10 Challenge - 4/10 Ideas - 10/10 Lifespan - 8/10 Enjoyment - 10/10 Overall - 8/10

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