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Batman: Vengeance

Reviewed by GCN3 Controls: You can't modify the controls, but they're easy anyway (in my opinion). You can, however, invert the up/down control. I think the controls are great. 8/10. Sound: Weapon sound effects, creepy, thrilling music and tons of voice sounds make the sound category another perfect score. 10/10. Graphics: Awesome gameplay graphics, not counting the butt-kicking cinematics. Replay Value: You can warp back to any part of the game that you have previously played, and you can unlock cheats, too!! So, the replay value is good too, but not perfect. 8/10. Fun Factor: This game is really fun (in my opinion). Even though I have completed the game and gotten almost everything, I still love playing it over and over. 9/10. Overall: This is a great game. The whole game is a mystery that will unfold towards the end. If you're still unsure, I definitely recommend renting it. I love this game, and I think you will too.

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