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Wario Land 4

Reviewed by James Wardle The Gameboy Advance, what was so advanced about it until a few months after its launch. When I come to relise the facts about the newest Portable system to enter our lives, I began thinking that the Gameboy Advance is full of remakes, which I did deny long ago. So why have I changed my mind, you ask? Well, Super Mario brothers 2 and Rayman are both Platforming games, and both of them are remakes, along with Chu Chu Rocket, Doom and 30% of Mario Kart. I do like those remakes which I have just mentioned, but it would be nice to see a new, original game to hit the shelves which was actually great. Pinobi is not that good, but five months after it's June release, Wario Land 4 came out, a sequel, but a life saver for the handheld. Yes, Wario, the angry, plump and rather yellow evil clone of Mario is back, up to his greedy ways. There is no long awaited confrontation between Mario and Wario in this game, but it holds some great surprises. Wario used to be an immortal character on his past adventures, like Wario World 2 and 3, but been invincible didn't mean the games was easy, they because some of Nintendo's hardest games. Wario Land 4 has taken a dramatic turn from this immortality matter and made Wariop a normal being, giving him a Eight point health bar. The game's story starts off very great. As the hilarious instruction book and the game itself explains the story, we find out this ; Wario is reading the morning papers and finds out that a no-threat-to-life-pyramid has recently being discovered in the middle of a desert somewhere. Wario gets very excited, because he is such a greedy bugger and dashes to his car, which he most probaly stolen from the mysterious world in Wario Land 3. Wario has become so excited, infact he becomes so excited that he almost runs over a cat! Upon entering the pyramid, Wario is greeted by many doors, leading to worlds leading to treasure! Many changes occur in this Wario Land game from all the others. This time, Wario CAN die, he has 8 Health Points, which can easily be re-filled by small hearts you get from defeating small bad guy's. Another is in terms of levels, You only have to play each level only once or twice. You need to get 4 jigsaw pieces and a key, which can be gotten on your first go, plus you can get a hidden C.D soundtrack, which can also be found on your first go. Another thing to know in terms of changes is the lifespan, the game is about ten times as short as all the other Wario games. Makes you think that the catridge used to make this game can hold the same ammount of memory as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Our Yellow Plumber is a very easy character to controll. He jumps very easily, and has plenty moves for us to learn, such as roll, elbow dash and a massive STOMP! Unlike the latest Mario Games, there is a large absence of Pipes, Wario Land 4 is full of them, especially on the first set of levels. The pipes just basically take you to the next screen, and does not lead to confusing warps, like Super Mario Brothers 3. There is many puzzle elements in the game, most are not actually brain taxing, but a fair couple will make you fthink for a minute or two. Most of the puzzles rely on transformations. Like the other games, where Wario cannot die, Wario instead changed in to many things, like Zombie's, fireballs or bats. The same method works here, but it is very in-frequant. Not only are transformations are rare, there is not a huge selection, but listen to his, a lot of them are hilarious, never mind very fun to actually control. Wario Land 4 has several bosses for Wario to take on, each with a time limit. The bosses are nowhere near push-overs, they are as tough as nails. Not only that, but the very first boss has about ten attacks to fight you with. Before each boss, there is a shop, ran by the ne, the only, MR. GAME AND WATCH!, possibly one of the best and important videogame characters ever created. Mr. Game and Watch will trade items for medals, won at mini games for weapons which will take off big damage from the bosses at the very start of the battle. As for the mini games, There is three. The first one, Home run is a slow baseball game, which you must tilt your Gameboy Advance 90 Degree's and hit the Wario Ball with A when Mr. Game and Watch throws it at you. It is very hard to score though, the ball goes very fast, and you will get more fouls then home runs. The second, which is my favourite, involves Wario running on a car tire and is rolling towards the left. There are many obsticals, a pig, a detective, a band, a bear, cowboy and more, and you must jump over them. This is much harder then it looks, Wario gets much faster, and the objects get very close together. The final, is a very funny one, where you must remember a Wario picture, and put on features, in the form of Mr. Potatoe Head. The graphics are oustanding for a Gameboy Advance game. Wario has a lot of funny and brilliant animations. The gorgeous backgrounds in the wildlife levels make you want to come back for more gameplay. As for the sound, what can I say? Brilliant? Nah, too harsh! The sound and music is the best I have ever heard on a Gameboy Advance game. There is even SONGS in the game, full of cute voices singing along to peaceful tunes in the game. Overall, Every Gameboy Advancre owner has to get their hands on this brilliant, yet short adventure. Good - The newest installment of Wario - Brilliant in all terms but Lifespan Bad - Will take you less then 10 hours to beat Alternatives : Super Mario Advance, Rayman, Mario Land 3

Graphics - 10/10 Sound - 10/10 Music - 10/10 Gameplay - 9/10 Story - 9/10 Challenge - 5/10 Fun Factor - 9/10 Lifespan - 6/10 Overall - 9/10

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