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Wario Land 4

Reviewed by Dogg Wario is known as the best spin-off ever played on Nintendo's biggest franchise, Mario. Nintendo then made Wario Land 1 for the Game Boy. This game had classic Mario action and provided the same way to die as Mario. This includes you getting bigger or smaller. An advantage for Wario however was that it had awesome gameplay, sharp graphics and that Wario himself had more moves then Mario. Then Nintendo released the sequel which in many ways started killing the franchise and then part 3 which was said to be the end of the series and act like the main trilogy just collapsed the series. Now Wario's gameplay weakened, the level design was poor, and Wario was now invincible making you to never die which just got insane for me. Now Nintendo's brought back the series to its roots but has it lost something in return. Wario Land 4 traditionally carries the particular license, to be a fairly addictive ( but fun ) puzzle game. However, in Wario Land 4 the puzzles are fairly repetitive and they are not even a challenge. One more thing that hurts this game is it's lackluster presentation. Just like what the manual says this game is " mostly the same as its predecessors." However, the series has been known for it's gameplay more. This game features easy and simple controls that are as intuitive as any classic Mario game. The A button makes you jump ( from one platform to the other platform). And the B button makes you charge. The R button makes a heavier tackle, etc. To further speed up the gameplay and value for this game are the 3 minigames. The Wario Home-Run Derby, which is a bit lackluster, but can be fun. The Wario Hop, in which you hop over enemies. Best game around. And the Wario roulette which sort of makes you dress up Wario's face. Another of the good things about this game are the graphics. Totally nice. This game's graphics can pass as some of the best in handheld history, and I am glad that many will agree with me since they are really pretty and push the Game Boy Advance hardware. Another "thumbs up" is the sound which is sharp, but I guess the part of the sound could have been better. Still it is nice. Now this game falls because of it's weak level design and weak game layout. You go into a pyramid to get gold and then a cat follows you, but then you notice that you will need relics to get the gold. In the pyramid you will fight bosses but nothing will stop Wario's greed so you must dispose of them. One of the weakest features is that now you are now timed for everything. After you hit a switch in the final part of the level you must go back to the beginning of the level to escape the level. Weak. Plus you are timed for bosses now so watch the time. Overall if you can see through it's problems then you got one of the best Game Boy Advance games around.

Overall: 7 out of 10

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