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Tetris Worlds

Reviewed by MaxH Tetris. Probably the simplest and easiest to grasp game there has ever existed. Tetris remakes. Probably the most pointless, absurd creations that ever existed. The thing is, there's no improving Tetris, all the new modes developers have added are stinky, plain and simple, not even Disney characters can improve the formula. Tetris is so brilliant BECAUSE of its lack of gameplay features. There are seven shapes because, it is believed, the mind is capable of remembering seven 'things' at a time. And if you get just ONE tiny element of the game wrong, you've blown it completely. And if you get everything right? Well then you've got exactly the same game that was made over a decade ago. There's just no winning with Tetris remakes. This doesn't seem to worry THQ though (The games publishers who laugh in the face of quality), and they have unleashed the insipid Tetris world on the masses. Ostensibly the same as every other Tetris remakes, it includes tarted up graphics and ridiculously dull extra modes. In case you are, I don't know, about two years old you should know exactly how Tetris works. Seven different shapes fall from the top of the screen to the bottom at a speed that increases the further you go into the game. Your objective is to create lines by slotting the falling shapes in with each other,. When you've done so, the line you just made will disappear. If you do badly, and don't manage to clear many lines, then the shapes will pile up high, eventually amounting to Game Over when they reach the top of the screen. The formula is present and correct here, and it all works fine. The shapes move at the right speed and the joy of being given a 'line' shape just as you really need one is still there. Tetris works on its own and it's difficult to ruin it. Developers Blue Planet have wisely not added any new shapes into the mix with their normal Tetris modes. Tetris is perhaps one of the most significant and widely known games of all time. So it's no surprise to find that it's so enjoyable. Things really fall apart, however, when we come to the extra modes. Endurance Tetris, sticky tetris (Someone tell me if there's any actual gameplay differences between this and normal tetris, because I can't see any), fusion tetris, blah blah blah blah. They add on a variety of annoying features to the main game such as building lines up to a certain block, connecting certain colours together. It's just awful. If you are thinking of buying this for it's extra modes, don't. Graphically, this is fairly lame. The backgrounds that include undersea and a volcano (And for some reason, a strange block with eyes that rotates eerily around all of the backgrounds) are fairly nice but wholly pointless as they are just distracting and add nothing to the game anyway. And a feature which I hate is that now an outline of the falling shape appears at the bottom (Or top, depending on how badly you're doing) of the screen telling you where the shape will fall. This is hugely distracting as you'll often concentrate on the outline rather than the falling shape itself, meaning you'll often bring the shape down at the wrong time. Luckily it can be turned off. The music is a terrible amalgamation of the original theme tune and new GBA 'techno' music. This is just as impressive as it sounds (i.e not at all) and ruins the tetris theme to the point that it becomes unlistenable. There are other, equally stinky tunes to listen to as well, if you like. Not only have they ruined the originally superb music but they have scrapped the classic old SFX! Bastards. Technically, there's nothing wrong with Tetris worlds, nothing that makes it unplayable. The extra modes aren't worth bothering with, and I was a bit miffed to see the high scores removed COMPLETELY from the game (Why was this done? What could removing the scores possibly achieve?) but Tetris remains intact, puzzling at it's finest. But then, why does Tetris Worlds even exist? The best thing you can say about it is that it doesn't make a complete mess of a game that's already there. Tetris is just as good (and a lot cheaper) on the original gameboy, and it has better sound and less distracting graphics. Don't even glance at this as you pass it in the shops.

Overall: 4 out of 10

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