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Super Dodge Ball Advance

Reviewed by Yardbird Super Dodge Ball is an addictive, fun game. There was a version of it on the Nintendo circa 1989. This game is just as good as that one, and in some ways it improves on it. There are more things to do in this game, but mainly there are more teams to choose from. Plus, it's portable. You can't go wrong with portable dodge ball. Graphics While the graphics of this game are good, they aren't the best on the system. That honor probably goes to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 at this point. However, the game's graphics are nice looking, colorful, and varied. The backgrounds, while not extremely detailed, change from a stadium or just to a murky looking body of water. The players have different faces, but appear to suffer from big head syndrome. Each super throw has its own graphical effect, but this is one fault I have with the graphics. The throws don't look different enough from each other, and to me, they don't look as fanciful or spectacular as they should have. But still the graphics are good. Audio This is one area of the game I didn't pay very much attention to. The same song seems to play during every match. For this reason I mostly listened to the radio instead of the game. However, when a player runs in preparation to take a jump, you can hear his feet smacking against the surface. That is one effect and detail of the game I really liked. Gameplay In dodge ball there are two teams. Each team has seven players on the court. Four are on the inside of the court on one side and three are on the outside court of the other. Your opponent has the same thing. The object of the game is to totally knock out your four opponents on the inside of the court. You do this by hitting them with a dodge ball...duh. There are different types of throws. Each player has a super throw. There are air and land throws. There are also just regular throws. You can dodge the ball or catch it when your opponent throws it at you. When you kill a player he turns into an angel and wears all white and floats out of the screen. Do this to all 4 on the other team and you win. The main mode of play is Championship. The goal is to be ranked number 1 and maybe unlock the secret teams in the game. There's also exhibition and versus, but no bean ball. Bean ball was in the Nintendo version and it was actually pretty good. Too bad they left that out of this game. At least, I think they did. I didn't see it anywhere. There are also other minor little tweaks you can do the game. You get to select the team you want to play as in Championship mode, which is good since in the Nintendo version you had to play as the United States. There are quite a lot of teams in the game. I think there are 10 total at the front and then five more later on if you can find them. You can change the playing style of each player on your team too, so this makes for a more customizable experience. Replay Value There is a good amount of replay in the game. It's not very deep, but there are around 15 teams. With that many teams, the different ways you can set up the players, and the different difficulty settings, you'll probably play it for a long while. Plus, it's a lot of fun. Challenge There are many different ways you can set up the challenge of the game. You can change the difficulty between five levels, and you can also set the level the other team has in categories such as offense and defense. With so many different variations, the challenge level is hard to pinpoint. In general, once you get used to the game, you should be able to beat it fairly easily on any level. The learning curve isn't too steep on this one. Control The control has an all right layout. I don't really care for the fact you have to hit both A and B in order to do a jump. You use one button to pass between teammates and one to throw it at your opponents. You can hit the L shoulder button to call out one of your teammates. He will then jump up in the air and you can pass it to him and then he can do a super throw. Super throws take a combination of buttons and there are a TON of them in the game. There are around 50 different ones, but not each team can do all of them. Each player has only one or two throws, so to use them all you have to try each team out. Fun Yes, the game is quite fun. It is so much fun I didn't want to put it down at all. I played the game a lot in the first week, because it was so much fun. Even after beating it and unlocking everything it is still a lot of fun to play. Stress Factor The game isn't too stressful. On the higher levels it gets annoying, because the team doesn't take much damage and they seem to catch all my throws, even my super throws. It still wasn't so bad that I wanted to throw my GBA though. The End One thing that surprises me is how much this game sells for at online auction places. I paid a lot less for this game than I could sell it for. If nothing else, buy it cheap, play it for a while, and sell it while you can still get a high going price for it. I could probably make a $20 profit off it, but instead...I'll keep it around. It's a fun game and it helped me through some boring times.

Overall: 8 out of 10

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