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Rayman Advance

Reviewed by James Wardle Hey Hey, no need to get mad at me with the tag-line ^_^. Rayman is a great character, but I couldn't resist the joke! Anyway, the 1995 / 1996 Platform game for the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn is now on the Game Boy Advance. Rayman Advance is a bit more like the Playstation version, rather than the Saturn version. Graphics - 10 : Rayman Advance pushes the Gameboy Advance to the limit, the game is actually pushing the Gameboy Advance off the edge, as it looks so good. Looking at the game from a Playstation or Saturn view might not look that pleasant, but this is the Gameboy Advance, and Rayman has great graphics for a portable machine, it'll be years before you'll be playing Final Fantasy VII on any handheld machine. The cut scenes/Picture scenes in the game look fantastic, and are in great detail, and sometimes add humor. The graphics are in great detail, even every ting have lightning effects coming off it. Now for the Character animations, They have no slow down, and act great, The detail in the animations are also great, if you jump with Rayman, his hair, arms, head and body will move as well! Genius or what? The backgrounds look very.. French (Maybe because its a weird and French game), but they still look gorgeous and they are hand-painted. Storyline - 8 : The Great Protoon provides Energy and Balance for Rayman's world. Mister Dark, a sinister evil, who is less scary then anything you've seen on Scooby Doo, steals the Great Protoon. Betilla the fairy, tried to stop this Mister Dark, but she wasn't powerful enough, leading to her defeat (This Mister Dark isn't really a gentleman). A little later, strange and horrible monsters like, walking black dots and tall green men with funny little hats are terrorizing Raymans world.... and its up to one man to stop him (Look at the title of the game to find out who.) Sound and Music - 7 : If you have played one of the other versions of Rayman, you'll notice that it has great sound, and the sound and music is the only thing which lets Rayman down, it is not converted from the Playstation very well, but it "IS" listen able. What the game is missing, it is the Voice Acting. The voice acting in the playstation was good, and very funny, but since the Gameboy Advance is a handheld, it can only handle a little voice acting (like Super Mario Advance) but maybe Broken Sword Advance can change that... Gameplay - 10 : Rayman handles like a dream in Rayman Advance, and is easy to control. The D-PAD moves him, the A button makes our limbless friend jump, the B button likes him punch and the R button lets him frighten monsters by sticking his tongue out (These French games have genius ideas!) There are lots of long and challenging levels in the game, each taking a while to complete, that means finding all the electoons. Electoons are locked in a cage, and you need to free them by punching the cage, but many cages are guarded by flying sweeping brushes (You heard me), Maniacs with guns and green men. Every-so-often, you'll get in to a boss fight, these are sometimes challenging, and the bosses are comical, and very very weird, like a massive saxophone and A alien housewife which uses rolling pins, there are many more, but I wouldn't want to give too much away. Each level is different, and has its own environments, like one might have a huge lake, another might have a giant hull with spikes all the way down, leading to puzzles on what you can do to carry on. Rayman Advance is split in to a few worlds, like grasslands, a Music world, a Pen, Pencil and Ruler world and a few more. There are a few mini-games in the game, like riding a mosquito, these are also fun, as well as vital to Raymans journey. Replaybility - 10 : Rayman Advance will take ages to complete. There are quite a few cages on each level to get, and for some, you'll need to return later when you get new moves. This will last for ages, since it is challenging and jam-packed with things to do. Overall - 9 : A Brilliant conversation, which is a great launch game for the Gameboy Advance. A few more tweaks in the sound could of gave this game a 10. This game is great, and you should part your cash if you like platforming games. Go on, Treat yourself.

Overall: 9 out of 10

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