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No Rules

Reviewed by Dogg TDK Media Interactive have always done good or bad games. There latest entry, No Rules: Get Phat is one of the bad games. No Rules: Get Phat is one of the games that tries to make itself be fun and entertaining to play by bringing new elements to its somewhat " action " genre. But in the end it proves that it is nothing more than a failure than any real big success. No Rules starts off like this. Ordinary ghetto boy, One Eyed Jack is sitting down watching T.V. Then when getting ready to watch his favorie show: Snoop Nasty, an interruption happens and it looks as an alien takes over the screen. The Alien says that they are from planet Punk Azz ( nice one ) and that we better move because they are here to get phat ( or cool ). Then as One Eyed Jack you must ride his skateboard and destroy everything in your corner especially little critters from the Planet Punk Azz. The controls are a bit frustrated and can be the cause of you losing a lot of times. You can not let this happen. Well if your game hot bad control, it will happen. You use the Directional Key Pad to move your character back and forth and this will make you move on to the next area. The A button will make you jump and at times you can grind with this if you want and of course the B button will make you use your weapon; a slingshot. What would have been a great feature would have been if you could've jumped or moved while also firing your slingshot. In my opinion this could have made the controls better and more accessible. This game could have also have taken advantage of the Game Boy Advance's 2 extra buttons. Up to this point I haven't seen them do anything, because they don't do anything. The levels themselves are also badly done. Now the main thing will be to jump over a part of your school, advance to a greater part of the level, hit the checkpoint, and then reach the end of the level. Also the level premise is also quite simple and very linear. Now just jump over your enemies, then hit them, then jump over part 1 of building, then part 2, then part 3. Next thing to, destroy 5 more aliens. The bosses are also some of the lamest bosses in gaming history. Now you must stop the enemy's from getting phat by being a DJ type of guy. You just press the right buttons and then figure out how you can defeat the boss. I thought bosses were too be the leaders of the level and the hardest part of the level, but this game makes the bosses act as if you were a dog playing Dance Dance Revolution! This game has around 5 worlds and it features some bosses. Some extra sidequests you can do in the game will be too collect records. Once you collect all the records in a level, you will get a new move. This is definitely a task that sounds easy, but is freaking hard. The game is also password sensitive. Now once you pass a level, you will get a password so next time playing you will start where you last left off. Where this game really outdoes itself is in graphics and even sound. The in-game graphics like character and level models are alright, but where this game gets its points are in its short cutscene scenes. These cutscenes are played out like a comic book and the art in them is pretty good. The sound is also good because its music features uproaring beats that are sure to put a smile on many. The game comes packed with an extra bonus. A mini figure skateboard. To say the truth this mini skateboard actually gives you more fun than this game does and it might even be better than the game itself. If I were TDK Media Interactive I'd rather put in a real skateboard so everybody can buy this game. Overall if your looking for a really fun game that gives you a good gaming experience then please look away. But if you are looking for a mini skateboard with " some " game then you should definitely play this game.

Overall: 5 out of 10

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