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Mario Kart Super Circuit

Reviewed by James Wardle I couldn't believe my eye's when I saw the first screenshot's of Mario Kart Super Circuit, Originally called "Mario Kart Advance", I thought It would finally be a sequel to the Nintendo 64 title, But I then was told it was coming out for the Gameboy Advance. I always knew that the Gameboy Advance would have one title I would never put down, Super Mario Advance and Rayman just wasn't it, Another Pokemon would of been a bit boring, But Mario still win's, In his THIRD Mario Kart videogame. Nintendo have outdone themselves, A brilliant, Addictive game, With the cartridge half the size of an "After Eight Mint". The only thing Nintendo has done better, Is the commercial for Mario Kart Super Circuit, Just Kidding, The game is most likely the best thing Nintendo have created. On a side note, the Commercial for this in the U.K is very funny. On September the 15th, The launch in Europe meant it was out in just about every other country, Making Videogame's, Never the same again with Brilliancy. Nintendo seemed to of put the best bits of Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 and slam them in here! Think of Mario Kart Super Circuit as a major update of the original two. Many people do think this is a cheap conversion of Super Mario Kart on the SNES, But they are more then wrong, The three Mario Kart game's are all different in their own way, From Track's to Racer's. The only "Brilliant" thing's Nintendo left out was a massive ramp which you could use the Lightning Power Up on in Wario Stadium, And the stadium itself, and Koopa Troopa, Just about everyone's personal favorite from the Super Nintendo version. Koopa Troopa got replaced in Mario 64 with Wario. Anyway, Back to the review. The new track's are in welcome arm's! There is around 40 racing track's to choose from in Mario Kart Super Circuit, 20 of them are brand new tracks, Never seen before, though some of the surroundings may look familiar. The other 20 track's are Retro one's, Direct from Super Mario Kart on the SNES. It is nice to see a massive selection of track's once in awhile, Though the SNES track's have been edited a lot, Like some obstacles, And the feather power-up is removed from the entire game, The Feather power up let the player create short-cut's. Some of the brand new track's are strange area's, Like Cheese Land, Ribbon Road and Cheep-Cheep Land. Each of the twenty courses each have obstacle's, Like Yoshi's Desert has Quick-Sand pit's, Shy Guy Beach has a lot of crab's, Sunset Wild's has Wigwam's, These obstacle's will slow you down, and even put you in a spin, Which leaves you in frustration if you are in first place and you see the other seven car's speed right in front of you, But that is the main fun of Mario Kart, Right? The Handling, Graphics and Sound make this easily the BEST game on the Gameboy Advance! Not one person can't not admit the Graphics are Brilliant. They are for a 32 bit console, but who cares? The SNES version was a bit flat, The Nintendo 64 was a bit smudgy with Character's, Yet had beautiful Detail. I think, The Gameboy Advance has the best graphics of the current three, Everything from course's to Character's. Absolutely Brilliant. The sound, May not be the best in the series', and It is not the worse, But it is still deep with satisfactory. The character's have voice's, and more improved than that on the Nintendo 64. My favorite voice is indeed Yoshi, as he goes "Yoshi!" all the time! Bless his little cotton sock's! The track music is also great, as are the sound effect's. Brilliant Gameplay! I knew this before I even got the game, I knew it would have the best Gameplay, and when I found out, I was right. I love both the Gameplay and the Replaybility. The car's, whether in 50, 100 or 150 CC handle like sweet dream's. Laid out in the track are Power Up's, If you get these power ups, Like Turbo Boost's, Shell's or Star's etc, You can use them and they may have devastating effect on you're opponent's. This is easily the best game on the Gameboy Advance, Even the single player mode has difficulty (Unlike the Nintendo 64 Incarnation) and the multi-player mode is a barrel of laugh's. Every fan of Mario Kart, Or Newcomer's need to buy the game NOW!

Overall: 10 out of 10

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