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Konami Krazy Racers

Reviewed by Nicholas Carter If anybody out there likes Mario Kart, you'll probably like this game. Konami decides to release a big-hitter for kart-racing fans until Mario Kart comes out for the Game Boy Advance.The name of this racing game is Konami Krazy Racers, & its not 1/2 bad. Sure, its a Mario Kart rip-off, but still, it can satisfy your cravings until Mario Kart comes out.

Graphics: 93 out of 100

When it comes to the graphics on this game, it makes me want to think that it actually looks real.And since the backgrounds are okay (not great, okay), I still think Konami may have been able to put a little more effort into their backgrounds.It doesn't blur unless the replay happens, but still, its pretty much good enough for me.

Music and Sound: 85 out of 100

The sound is where Konami made their major mistake.After all, who wants to listen to those annoying voices done by the characters? The main theme music at the beginning is nice once you play, but after a while it gets old. However, while on a course, the music isn't that bad (aside from hearing the constant taunting of your opponents).

Game Challenge: 96 out of 100

This game is very challenging, yet its so exciting I don't want to put it down. However, the part that is the most challenging aside from the Krazy Grand Prix is the drivers tests you have to take.Its very challenging, & it will probably take you a few tries. But, I think even on the easy level they seem to be a little harder than expected.

Game Play-Fun: 90 out of 100

Konami Krazy Racers is very fun, especially when using the 4-Player Game Link Cable to link up to your friends & challenge them to a race or in Bomb Chaser & Chicken. However, when playing the drivers tests in 1-Player Mode, you'll probably be very frustrated with it.Free Run is nice, so that should take your mind off it.


The frustration of this game is from two things:1, the drivers tests (I hate them), & 2, the Krazy Grand Prix. The Krazy Grand Prix doesn't frustrate me too much, but the drivers tests do.However, if you keep practicing & pray that you'll pass a test, you can get better & better at it until you pass.That's just how I did it.

Replayability: 98 out of 100

The replay factor on this game is very good, & its not hard to see what happens in replay mode (just like good old Mario Kart). The only small problem you may have is if you press & hold the L button down when in Free Run, Krazy Grand Prix, any drivers test, or Bomb Chaser. However, if you don't hold it down, you won't have any problems.

Game Value: 92 out of 100

The price value on this game is a little too high (probably $5 to $10 higher than expected), & when I bought it at a surprising $39.99, I was pretty much shocked. Still, I bought it anyway & its very good. So, if you're a die-hard racing fan or someone with a lot of cash, go out & buy it. But before you buy it, rent it first & see if you think that its any good.

Overall: 91 out of 100

Overall, Konami Krazy Racers is a very good racing game, with a lot of action & game challenge. If you have a lot of money, go on & buy it. If you don't have a lot of money, consider renting it first, then if you like it save up enough money to buy it. If you downright hate it, then its best just to wait until Mario Kart comes out for the Game Boy Advance.

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