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Jackie Chan Adventures

Reviewed by Dogg Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand from Torus Games and Activision is simply one of the best beat em' up side scrollers on the GameBoy Advance. This game follows the WB11 television series and has a common link to Jackie Chan's "other" game for the Playstation. Currently there's been kinda of weak beat em' ups, but Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand makes a strong exception. In the game you play Jackie Chan, famous martial arts expert and world renowned actor, and you must retrieve 12 scrolls from the Evil Dark Hand. The game basically follows this small story. So you start a level then you beat up the enemies and fight a boss at the end. The bosses appear hard at first, but they all got a weak spot. Many of the enemies from the TV show will most likely make an appearance including your allies like that old wise guy and Jade, who is Jackie Chan's niece and all around helper in the TV show. The game has beautiful graphics surpassing those of the other beat em'up "Final Fight One." The graphics are a real strong point to the game since they make them look like the cartoon in many ways. The sound is also good too, but like many beat em' ups before it it could have been better, way better. But still you could live with it. The enemy AI is good too. In the earlier levels enemies are a breeze to beat, but later you will see who you are messing with as they will start blocking your moves. Speaking of moves Jackie Chan has got some good moves and many of his trademarked moves are in this game. However to get his better moves such as the flurry punch maneuver, the tacle maneuver, and the scissors kick move you got to get the scrolls to enable you to do so. You can even use weapons in the game. For example you will probably see a whip or a cannon ball or even a stick lying around you can pick it up and use it against your enemies or you can throw it against them. Pretty cool huh not what you expect from this game. Overall if you're looking for a good beat em'up experience and an all around good game you should buy this game. You will make a perfect odd couple.

Overall: 8 out of 10

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