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Game Boy Advance Hardware

Reviewed by James Wardle Sometimes, I wonder about todays machines, The Playstation 2, the Gamecube and the X-BOX, and I think how do the manufactures manage to make such impressive consoles, with games on there with brilliant graphics. The four next generation consoles are 128bit. I don't wonder about the consoles which was released several years ago, like Playstation and the Sega Saturn, as they have had their moment in the 32bit spotlight, and Nintendo have thought of upgrading the Gameboy from 8 bit, not to 16 bit but to 32 BIT!!! A lot of people are passing up on the upgraded Gameboy, the Gameboy Advance which is 32 bit, just because 32bit has had its go, but let me tell you this, the Gameboy Advance is one of the best things man and woman created. Graphics - 9 : Since being 32bit, you'll be expecting remakes of Final Fantasy VII-IX or a better version of Resident Evil 2, but those games was on a Compact Disc (CD) and the Gameboy Advance uses a cartridge (A Nintendo tradition) so they can't play games like that, but they CAN play updates of Super Nintendo games, Like F Zero. The Gameboy Advance can play some remakes of Playstation games, but without FMV's, like Ubi Soft have released Rayman for Gameboy Advance, which came out years ago on the Playstation 1. Hits like Broken Sword and TEKKEN are coming out as remakes, with near perfect graphics. I have to admit, the graphics are very impressive, and some games go on to a lot of detail. The only shame with the graphics is that if you play a Gameboy Color game on your Gameboy Advance, the screen will be much darker, making games like Alone in the Dark and the dark levels on Super Mario Brothers Deluxe impossible to play. Sound and Music - 10 : Also brilliant, the tunes from remakes are all there! The Gameboy Advance has some great music up its sleeve! Gameplay - 10 If you have big arms, you'll notice that the Gameboy Advance is hard to play, as it is modeled for the Japanese people. If you can old the pad, you're in for a very fun time. Super Mario Advance, Castlevania, Tony Hawks and Rayman will leave you hours of enjoyment, and those was all out on the release. There are more great games coming out, Super Mario Kart's remake, Mario Super Circuit, Banjo-Kazooie, Broken Sword and Tekken, and that is just four of them. The buttons are back from the original Gameboy Design, with two more, the R and L button, which are like the L and R buttons from the Nintendo 64. Replaybility - 9 : With spectacular games out on the release, you will be spending a long time on this handheld. The novelty might wear off soon though, as there isn't any games out recently, Mario Kart is coming in a few months though...... Overall - 9 : Yet another one of Nintendo's great piece of work. It is the best Handheld made, but it does have its faults with the dark graphics on Gameboy and Gameboy Color games.... Pros It is by Nintendo Great launch games Mario Kart and Sonic are coming out for it Cons Screen is a bit dark when old games are played on it.

Overall: 9 out of 10

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