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Final Fight One

Reviewed by Dogg The game that started it all is remade… For many years I have dreamed of this. I've dreamed that the Final Fight series will be renewed or even remade. Well, Capcom has answered my prayers and they've finally bestowed upon me and everybody else the remake of the original Final Fight, the game that started it all. Final Fight was originally released in Arcade's back in 1989. Here it established itself to many by giving up a hard-knocks beat-'em-up that was something new and was something to be proud for. Here a player chose one out of three characters and they battled against enemies (over 6-7 at a time) in the level, till they finally reached the last boss of that specific stage. While this fact was nothing new, the standards that this game set, however, were new. Eventually the series was ported to the more sufficient and user-friendly Super Nintendo console. The outcome of this led to both good and bad (bad being the fact that the game only carried 2-3 enemies at a time). However, despite major points of criticism the game still ended up being a legendary Arcade conversion that had earned many fans. But anyways, now with the release of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Capcom is going to remake and re-establish the first game in the series and also combine it with some of the greater beat-'em-ups of today, while also trying to make a way to get more fans to fall in love with this once-thought-to-be-dead series. The final result is a heartwarming and moving game that while it won't please people who played the original to death, it will more likely give much more independent faith to finally relieve this series back to its good old fame and glory. ------------------- Story ------------------- Cheesy and very 80s like, you betcha'. The game takes place in a huge conurbation called Metro City. Metro City is overpopulated with crime sprees that make the city dangerous and pretty controversial. But someone is hoping that will change. Former wrestler and entertainer Mike Haggar has just been elected mayor and he is hoping to put an end to the one gang responsible for the destruction of Metro City—the Mad Gear. However, the Mad Gear Gang was a step ahead like always and now they are hoping to even destroying Haggar's personal life. So, one day in office Mike Haggar gets a call. The call at first sounded like a joke, but the caller eventually spoke up and told Haggar that he and his pals have kidnapped his daughter, Jessica. They then told Mayor Haggar to open the television, and so he did as to get a clue on what they did to his beloved daughter. Once the TV opened an image was unswervingly shown and it displayed Jessica being all tied up. The criminal then reveals himself as part of the Mad Gear Gang's trusty personnel and he then says in a friendly expression that he won't hurt her… if Haggar doesn't hurt them. Then the scene switches over to a viewpoint behind the wrestling ring where Haggar tells his entertainment buddies, Cody and Guy, that his daughter, Jessica, was kidnapped. Cody was Jessica's childhood friend and now he wants to save her more than anything. Guy is a mysterious ex-Street Fighter who also wants to help Jessica. Thus the three make a team to save Jessica, and thus the legacy that is Final Fight begins. 7/10 While it is cheesy and sounds like its been used a million times, the story is however, still pretty good ------------------- Gameplay ------------------- I'm sure Capcom got our full incomplete attention. Final Fight One's best aspect comes in the form of its gameplay. In the game you pick one of the three aforementioned characters. Each character has a different type of fighting style and each one balances their attacks out in different ways (due to all having a different style then others). The main fighting controls are punch, jump, and special attack. When you press the punch button, you will repeatedly keep on attacking the enemy upside the head. If you press the jump button, your character will jump up high, and then if you press the punch button while in the air your character will do a flying somersault kick injuring the enemy right in the gonads. When you use the special maneuver button, your character uses their selected special move. Each special move can do a lot of damage, and each character has a different one to implement. But here is the catch. Once you use a special move on an enemy and it hits them, your character will also sustain some damage making using this move a selected choice. The main premise of the game is to beat up all the enemies on a specific level, and then eventually beating up the boss at the end of that level. In the game there are over six levels. These areas include the Bay Area, and even the Industrial Area—a stage not featured in the Super Nintendo port. The Industrial Area is a heating furnace room in which burning steam escalates on to the platform giving both you and your enemies damage. Some of the levels in this game are shockingly short, while some others are amazingly long. Also, each level consists of over at least 100+ enemies to deal with at precise times making the challenge even more surreal. All of the enemies attack differently, and all of the enemies look different and have a different type of a fighting style. For example, Andore and Andore Jr. (is there an Andre the Giant resemblance here) are two guys that are more focused on attacking you. Once they take you down with their power bomb maneuver, they will go forth and try to “slam" you. However, while these guys are strong attackers, they are slow movers, which then makes you keep on attacking them till they are eventually down. But that may not be the case at most times either. For example, Billy “ the Punk" Rocker (now why did they take out Roxy and Poison...hmm) will attack very fast, but if you notice their attacks do very little damage, thus making you knock them out very easy (YEA, TAKE THAT!). Final Fight One's bosses are also very imitative to how the original enemies act and play like. Many of the bosses look different, and many of the bosses attack and act very differently (much the same with the enemies as mentioned above). One boss for example will focus on taking you out with his two swords in a fighting arena, while another boss—the final boss—will take you out a much more easier way—by shooting at you (cough… Streets of Rage… cough). There is even a sub-boss in this game, which puts you in a match against 2 of the many Andoré brothers. FFO also has many sorts of difficulty levels to choose from. Now a beginner and a very agile person can move on and take the Very-Easy difficulty setting, while another person who is in need of a challenge can take on the Very-Hard difficulty setting. In the game you are given a varying amount of opportunities to fight back once you are down. Once you lose all of your opportunities you will be taken to a screen where you see your character in a room with dynamite. Here you can either use one of your useful credits, or you can just choose to not continue. The game also features a Battery Pack-Up installed into the cart, so once you turn down the game you will be able to play it later from the part in which you were last on. Gameplay-wise, Final Fight One has enough entertainment value to keep it keen on its knees, and this is also enough to satisfy the buyer of this product. The game also features 4 characters on screen at one time, which at most is an upgrade to what the Super Nintendo could have done. Follow it up by a couple of secrets allowing you to play as SF Alpha Guy and Cody, and you've got an awesome remake of a once awesome game. 9/10 Final Fight One can indeed give you everything you want, and more! ------------------ Graphics ------------------ Capcom says: Let's use the same character sprites over and over again. It's not like anyone will ever notice. The graphics for the most part are pretty good. They help capture the game with its 1989 status that it has been repealed with. Unfortunately this is 2002 (I hope), and people who look like idiotic idiots aren't treated very nicely game-wise. Many of the characters appear the way they appeared back in the Arcade and Super Nintendo versions. Many of your enemies also have simplistic designs that'll make you score a laugh once or twice. Character animations are on par with how the character designs are. They are swiftly done and are greatly animated. However, they are not perfect. Characters like Haggar first punch, then punch again, and then he misses the next punch to the oncoming enemy, but that enemy still gets damaged. It's not much of a complaint, but it still can subtract the overall grade of the game. The environments are all luscious-looking and will please any veteran Final Fight aficionados. The backgrounds are also greatly done and stuff like streaming oil crates and shattered glass are all animated very well. The only problem with the graphics, however, is that they look too much like how an old game looks. It's not common today you see a giant man with red and purple (?) leopard T-Shirts, with a red-chain stuck in their blue pants (jeans maybe?). All of the character sprites haven't changed making the game to replicate to its old predecessors, which once again shows the series hasn't aged well. D'oh! One more note: the small cut scenes shown after you beat a level are pretty cool. 8/10 Slap sticked with leopard shirts and shin pads, FFO is a graphics crowd-pleaser! ----------------- Audio ----------------- R-E-S-P-E-C-T, what the heck does this music seem to me? In the age of blips and blops, Final Fight still had great themes and effects, and now the same story is shown here. The background music is nicely done and at best, I have no complaints on it. While it does seem to get repeated constantly throughout the levels it is still great. The small amount of voice acting shown in this game is also a good thing as well. The sound effects for the most part are a little bland, but hell a normal individual can live with it. Once you hit an enemy you will hear a small noise, and the same goes to once you get hit, or once you hit stuff like oil crates and a pile of tires that are lying down on the street. Your character will even scream once his butt falls flat to the floor. OUCH!!! Overall you can't help, but love Final Fight's small, but moody soundtrack (the Streets of Rage soundtrack beats it by a mile though). While it isn't really good by today's standards, it still has enough “oomph" in it to surprise any bystander that just sees this game on the street. Guess that can either be a good or bad thing—I say it is both actually. 6/10 FFO doesn't exactly set the mood, but that doesn't mean it's not good! ------------------ Overall ------------------ FFO is a classic gem from the past! Overall, people who have played this game to death years ago will still find enough in this cart to surprise them. Final Fight One isn't also a complete copy of the original because it still has enough hidden extras in it to pertain it from its original. For starters, there is its two-player cooperative mode, a feature that only began in Final Fight 2 for the Super Nintendo, and it also has many secrets (like the SF wardrobe making Guy and Cody much better fighters). Final Fight One is also a solid game because it captures all of the high flying antics, and all the zany action in just one cart. Anyone who likes to throw people out of windows, or wants to see a guy punch out his best friend because he didn't get the girl will surely get a kick out of this cart (BEWARE OF HAGGAR AND HIS POLITICAL PALS). FFO is a welcome addition to the series we've all come known to love! -------------------- Jesse “the Body" Ventura will never be able to beat up Mayor M. Haggar. Arrgh

Overall: 8 out of 10

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