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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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Reviewed by David Loraine Once again, there is a new adventure for the hero named Link. Link is riding on his trusty steed (probably Epona), going to visit the temple where the Triforce is being held. The Triforce has a strange glow when he gets there, so he walks up to it. The three separate pieces shape to form the Triforce. Suddenly, Link is sucked into a void. He hears a voice telling him to accept his quest, labeling him a hero. He wakes up to find himself in a strange land. He got up and started to walk around when he saw a woman being attacked by monsters. Link, being the good man that he was, drove the monsters away from the lady. He then learned that the woman was actually Impa, the Princess's nurse from Hyrule. She had come to the forest to look for a singer named Nayru. She asked Link to help her look and of course Link said yes. They traveled deeper into the forest when they found a large stone with strange runes on it blocking the path. Link, naturally, moved the stone, as the brittle old lady was obviously much too weak to move it. Soon they found a circle of forest animals around a girl singing sweetly. Link was invited to sit in the circle and listen. Link was instantly captivated by the girl's singing. Suddenly, Impa erupted in a menacing cackle. A darkness surrounded her, and a shadow lifted from her body. The shadow began to speak. "Nayru! Oracle of Age! I, Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, shall make you my own!" The shadow called Veran swooped around the forest for a bit before setting it's sights on Nayru. The shadow shot straight into the frightened singer. A shining light flowed through the forest. When the light had dyed down, Nayru did not look like the sweet girl she once did. She now looked veiled in shadow, even evil. "Ha ha ha ha! Now the power of the Oracle of Ages is mine! I can travel through time at will! Now a new age shall begin- an age of shadows!" Then Veran/Nayru vanished. It turns out that Nayru was actually the Oracle of Ages, who controlled time, past, present, and future, in this land called Labrynna. And when the flow of time was distorted, strange things began happening... And so begins Link's new quest.

Graphics: 7.5 out of 10

The graphics are not exactly amazing, but they are respectable, especially for a Game Boy game. The game is seen through the eyes of the bird, showing an overhead view of Link and his adventures. But, there are some places where the screen shows a cartoonist drawing of Link and various characters where the game gives you a sense of witnessing the event, not merely looking through a screen.

Music and Sound: 8 out of 10

The music is amazing. The other Zelda games had basically the same music as always. But this game has a variety of music in the dungeons (every dungeon has different music), in the towns, and out in the wild. And since there are two different ages, and the music is different in the other age, there is a great soundtrack for you to enjoy throughout the game. As for the sound, the basic sounds are the same as before; a sword slashing, a Bomb blasting, a monster dying. But certain items in the game have a special sound, such as the Switch Hook.

Game Challenge: 10 out of 10

This game is NOT for anyone who does not like a long game of puzzles and mysteries. For those of you who do, there is a ton of puzzles everywhere; in the towns, in the wild, and, of course, in the dungeons. There are a variety of different puzzles and how to solve them, such as killing all the enemies on the screen to move to the next room, or moving blocks in a certain pattern to get a treasure chest. This is the perfect game for the man who likes puzzles. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of killing monsters for the others.

Game Play-Fun: 9 out of 10

Oracle of Ages is absolutely a game you can really get into. When I first got the game, I sat there playing it for about 4 hours before my batteries went out. The game is very captivating, and when you are done with one dungeon, the Maku Tree tells you where to go next, so you are never lost on what to do next. The fun factor is definitely on the high scale. There are a new variety of weapons and items to aid you on your quest and bring you to new places. There's even a whole world underwater once you get the Mermaid suit!


There is a cycle of items that you have to pass on to different people. These items you can never use. Sometimes this gets frustrating, as you do not know where the next item goes. Also, sometimes you may be stuck in a dungeon with nowhere to go and no keys because you are missing a certain item which you don't know where it is. That can be frustrating. And, most of all, there is a place in the world called Fairy Forest, and it a is a puzzling forest. The fairies that live there want to play hide-and-seek, so they scramble the forest up. But most of time, the game is fine and you know exactly what to do.

Replayability: 6 out of 10

Yes, the game is fun, and it's captivating, yes yes. But the thing is, it's a REALLY long game, so when you finish it, you may not want to play the game all over again for a long time, and go through the same stuff and killing the same bosses. If you feel like it, go ahead, but after i finished it, I didn't want to go back to it and start over.

Game Value: 9 out of 10

The game was $29.99 where I purchased it, which was at Wal-Mart. I felt that it was just right. Because 40 would just be too much, and if it was 20 they would be out in a day. So I felt that, considering the game playability and the fun factor, that the price was fair. If you find a better deal, take it.

Overall: 9 out of 10

This game, much like it's other Zelda brothers, was a great game. I loved it and the fact that I could carry it around with me made it even better. The game was fun, challenging, and I was actually able to play it without getting bored at any time. It was well worth the price, too. The Zelda legacy lives on!

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