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Virtual Boy

Unscramble the following names of Virtual Boy games.

1. SMIAOR' SIENTN_______________ 2. RLTIVUA ELGEAU SEAABBLL_____________________ 3. AORWI ADLN_______________ 4. ATLWRWRDEO_______________ 5. ERD LMAAR_______________ 6. EEEOTORBXRL_______________ 7. ALTAGCCI IPNLBAL_______________ 8. EENTR'SS UYNFK OGBLIWN_____________________ 9. ANCPI ORMEBB_______________ 10. OFLG_______________ 11. ACKJ ROBS_______________ 12. AOMRI LHCSA_______________ 13. STRETI D-3_______________ 14. ATLEICRV OECRF_______________

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