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1. What's Mario's last name? 2. What's the least amount of hours needed to get the best Metroid endings and what does Samus do? 3. Who created Metroid? 4. Is Link right handed or left handed? 5. What's Proto Man's name in Japan? 6. What does Ryu's name mean? 7. What was Mario's original occupation 8. His current occupation? 9. Who is Pit? 10. What were Luigi's original colors? 11. How do you kill a Metroid? 12. Who was the first Belmont? 13. Who are the Belmonts? 14. Where is the Red Ring found in Zelda 1? 15. How does Earthworm Jim spell his name? 16. What planet are Metroids from? 17. What is Kirby? 18. What is Ganondorf's original form? 19. Who supposably built Zero? 20. Who played Mario in Super Mario Bros.? 21. Who did he play as in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 22. Who is Geno? 23. What was the original life form on Zebes? (Two different answers.) 24. Who was in the original Star Fox team? 25. Name all 3 Triforces. 26. What does Ken's name mean? 27. What's Ken's last name? 28. How do you kill the Queen Metroid? 29. Who created Mario? 30. What does Donkey Kong's name means? (What does the team claim?) Two acceptable answers. 31. Who did Link's voice in the Zelda cartoon? 32. How many Final Fantasies are there? 33. What's Doki Doki Panic? 34. Who is Bass? 35. Who made the musics for Metroid and various Nintendo games? 36. Who created the Game Boy? 37. What was the first enemy Mario saw in Super Mario Bros.? 38. What are Like likes? 39. What are Gibdos? 40. What are Pols voices? 41. What is the Song of Storms for in Ocarina of Time? 42. What's the difference between the Spazer and Plasma beams? 43. Who's the main enemy in Kid Icarus? 44. What's the E stand in E. Honda? 45. What's Mega Man's name in Japan? 46. What's Toad's name in Japan? 47. Name 3 Shotokans 48. Name 3 Metroid enemies (not counting bosses or Metroids) 49. What's Charlie's last name (He's from Street Fighter Alpha 2) 50. How many levels are there in Super Mario Bros. 3? 51. What game sold the most copies in history? 52. What's the only game that comes close to it? 53. Who played King Koopa in the Super Mario Bros. movie? 54. Name the 6 robots in Mega Man 55. Name the 8 Maveriks in Mega Man X3. 56. Who created Virtual Boy? 57. Name the last boxers in each Punch-Out (the last opponents in each game) 58. What are coins used for in Super Mario Kart? 59. Who was the voice of Mario in the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon? 60. Who is the voice of Mario in the video games? 61. Who's the voice of Link in the video games? 62. Who's the voice of Fox in the video games? 63. What is Earthbound called in Japan? 64. Name 2 non-RPG Square games. 65. What was the only game that Electronic Arts published for the NES? (keyword is published) 66. How do you get to the Minus world in Super Mario Bros.? 67. How do you get into the secret glitch room in the Castle in Super Mario 64? 68. Who's the girl in Donkey Kong, Mario is trying to save? 69. Who do you play as in Metal Gear? 70. What's the name of the game of the sequel to Metal Gear? 71. What's the name of the main character in the NES game, Kung-Fu? 72. Who played as Luigi in the Super Mario Super Show? 73. What were Nintendo's original products? 74. What year did Nintendo Power magazine first come out? 75. What's the password in Punch-Out, that lets you see the credits? 76. What year did Shigeru Miyamoto apply for a job at Nintendo? 77. Who is Dan Owsen? 78. What was the first Mario game to have his name in the title? 79. What are the lyrics of the Super Mario Super Show? 80. What are the lyrics of the Super Mario World cartoon? 81. Who wrote the novel based on Ocarina of Time? 82. How many Metroids are there total in Metroid 2? 83. Name 4 of the boxers in Super Punch-Out. 84. Name all 5 characters in 1080 Snowboarding. 85. What are the only two characters to appear in every Street Fighter game? 86. What's the first level of Earth Worm Jim 2? 87. What game is the Spider Ball found? What does it do? 88. Name 12 Pokemon. 89. Name all members of the Kong family 90. Name all species of Koopas 91. Name 6 cartoons that feature Nintendo related characters 92. What is Urban Champion? What year did it come out and what platform? 93. Who designed and developed the Game Genie? 94. Who is R.O.B.? 95. Name the 4 characters of your party in Earthbound (Super NES) 96. Name the main enemies of the following characters. Some may have more than one exceptable answer: Mario, Link, Samus, Mega Man, X, Ryu, Dan, Richtor Belmont, Pit, and Little Mac. 97. What was the only unlicensed Super NES game? What company made it? 98. How old is Link in Zelda 2? 99. What does Tanooki mean? 100. Who is Mario named after?

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