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NBA Hangtime Quiz

1. Which of the following Armed Services did David Robison serve? 2. What player won the NBA 6th man award 94-95 season? 3. Who gained draft rights to Charles Oakley? 4. What city was the host for the 88 allstar game? 5. What is Dion Radja's native country? 6. Who was the NBA rookie of the year for the 89-90 season? 7. Which member of the Boston Celtics won the Slam Dunk contest? 8. What year was Ken Norman born? 9. What team did Lucious Harris play for during the 94-95 season? 10. What is the name of the NBA franchise in Toronto? 11. What player has won the most improved player award since 93-94 season? 12. What is the name of the NBA Franchise in Orlando? 13. What team did Bobby Phills play for in the 94-95 NBA season? 14. What player eon the 6th man award 90-91 season? 15. What position does Tim Perry play? 16. What position does Jamal Mashburn play? 17. What is Arbidus Sabonis Native country? 18. What jersey number does Scottie Pippen wear? 19. What position does John Starks play?

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