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Final Fantasy 3 Quiz

1) Who is the boss of the game? A. Celes B. Kefka C. The Espers 2) What character is 1/2 esper & 1/2 human? A. Celes B. Kefka C. Terra 3) What is the name of the mountain where you find Sabin? A. Koltz B. Midas C. Rushmore 4) What is the empire trying to get its hands on throughout the game? A. Edgar/Figaro B. Terra/Espers C. Mog/Narshe 5) How many dragons do you have to kill in the World of Ruin? A. 6 B. 8 C. 9 6) What group is Banon in charge of? A. Avalanche B. The Empire C. The Returners BONUS:: Why does the Empire want the Espers? A. Their gambling abilities B. Their technolgy C. Their magical powers

Click here to print out the quiz.

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