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Earthbound Quiz

1. How many total people join your party? 2. This item, which is hidden in Onett (and also buyable in Fourside). What is it? 3. This bat is sold in Winters near the school. 4. What does the photo guy tell you to say in front of the camera? 5. What's the country's name that everyone lives on? 6. Tickets for Venus and Runaway 5 cost _ at the Topolla. 7. What's the name of the boss of Liliput Steps? 8. How many Guardian Diggers are there? 9. After you Pokey takes off with the Heli, Apple calls you and tells you he's working on what device? 10. How many models are there in all? 11. The last item on the list at the Tenda item shop is _. 12. You can kill Starman Deluxe with one hit from a _. 13. You have a slight chance of winning _ from _ in Stonehenge. 14. If you get beef jerky, how long should you hang it out to dry? 15. After being excavated, the _ statue appears in _, _ and in _. 16. The 'invisible' man has _ and _. 17. You need the _ to fight Carpainter. 18. What company delivers the Zombie Paper? 19. What 2 items do u need to get the Runaway 5 out of debt? 20. _ is the hero's sister. 21. After you beat Starman Deluxe, Mr. Saturn gives you a _ if you talk to him. 22. You give _ and _ to Apple Kid. 23. Apple kid sends you a _ via Escargo's _ class. 24. Buzz Buzz casts _ in the battle against Starman Junior.. 25. You can buy a house in _ for _.

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