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Match the Game Titles with the system.

(Nintendo 64, Super NES, NES, Game Boy, and Virtual Boy)

Super Mario Bros. 3_______________ Super Pitfal_______________ Actraiser 2_______________ Tecmo Super Bowl III: The Final Edition_______________ Super Spike VBall_______________ Fighters Destiny_______________ Bart Simpsons Escape From Camp Deadly_______________ Pilotwings_______________ Batman: The Animated Series_______________ Battletoads in Ragnaroks World_______________ Bubble Ghost_______________ Secret of Evermore_______________ Secret of Mana_______________ 1942_______________ 1943_______________ X-Kaliber 2097_______________ Chameleon Twist_______________ Castlevania: The Adventure_______________ Rambo_______________ Rampage_______________ Contra: The Alien Wars_______________ Adventure Island III_______________ WCW vs. NWO: World Tour_______________ Doom_______________ Donkey Kong Land_______________ Final Fantasy Adventure_______________ Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D_______________ Final Fantasy Legend_______________ Gradius: The Interstellar Assault_______________ Sim Ant: The Electronic Ant Colony_______________ Sim City_______________ Sim Earth: The Living Planet_______________ Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters_______________ Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire_______________ Contra III: The Alien Wars_______________ The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening_______________ Illusion of Gaia_______________ Metroid II: Return of Samus_______________ San Francisco Rush_______________ Mega Man 7_______________ Pyramids of Ra_______________ Galactic Pinball_______________ Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom_______________ Ninja Kid_______________ Ultima VII: The Black Gate_______________ Ultima: Runes of Virtue II_______________ Nintendo World Cup Soccer_______________ King's Quest V_______________ Golf_______________ Jack Bros._______________ Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse_______________ Mario Clash_______________ The Legend of the Mystical Ninja_______________ Final Fantasy_______________ Zelda II: The Adventure of Link_______________ Mario's Tennis_______________ Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers_______________ Nester's Funky Bowling_______________ Star Fox_______________ Life Force_______________ Little League Baseball: Championship Series_______________ The Little Mermaid_______________ Wanders From Ys III_______________ War 2410_______________ Litle Nemo: The Dream Master_______________ Jeopardy! 25th Silver Anniversary Edition_______________ Panic Bomber_______________ Red Alarm_______________ Super Caesars Palace_______________ Super Castlevania IV_______________ Faxanadu_______________ Teleroboxer_______________ Super Valis IV_______________ Super Widget_______________ Bases Loaded IV_______________ Tetris 3-D_______________ Vertical Force_______________ Virtual League Baseball_______________ Wario Land_______________ Cobra Command_______________ Cobra Triangle_______________ Code Name: Viper_______________ Wheel of Fortune: Featuring Vanna White_______________ Color a Dinosaur_______________ Waterworld_______________ Race Days_______________ Wrecking Crew_______________ Wrestlemania_______________ Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth_______________ Race Drivin_______________ Dragon Warrior 4_______________ Lufia and the Fortress of Doom_______________ Radar Mission_______________ Raging Fighter_______________ Ultima: Quest of the Avatar_______________ Ultima: Warrior's of Destiny_______________ Mace: The Dark Age_______________ The Guardian Legend_______________ Soccer Mania_______________ Solomons Club_______________ Wizards and Warrior's III_______________ Sport's Illustrated For Kids: The Ultimate Triple_______________ Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom_______________ The Sword of Hope 2_______________ Killer Instinct Gold_______________ Ultima: Runes of Virtue_______________ Dr. Mario_______________ Yogi Bear in Yogi Bear's Goldrush_______________ Top Gear Rally_______________ Gauntlet_______________ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project_______________

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