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Wing Commander

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7E15A964     Infinite energy for guns 
8B9BAD3C     Increase front shield on Hornet 
8B9BAEFF     Mega front shields on Hornet 
8B9BB163     Increase front shield on Scimitar 
8B9BB255     Mega front shields on Scimitar 
8B9C213C     Increase rear shield on Hornet 
8B9C22FF     Mega rear shields on Hornet 
8B9C2563     Increase rear shield on Scimitar 
8B9C2655     Mega rear shields on Scimitar
8B9C9540     Increase front armor on Hornet 
8B9C9963     Increase front armor on Scimitar 
8B9D0940     Increase rear armor on Hornet 
8B9D0D63     Increase rear armor on Scimitar 
8B9D7D40     Increase right side armor on Hornet 
8B9D8163     Increase right side armor on Scimitar 
8B9DF140     Increase left side armor on Hornet 
8B9DF563     Increase left side armor on Scimitar

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