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00B91DAD     Infinite lives 
00B93E01     Start with 1 Worthiness point 
00B93E03     Start with 3 Worthiness points 
00B93E07     Start with 7 Worthiness points 
00B93E09     Start with 9 Worthiness points 
00CBCE01     Start with 1 life 
00CBCE03     Start with 3 lives 
00CBCE07     Start with 7 lives 
00CBCE09     Start with 9 lives 
068552AD     Infinite Schwings if you have at least 1 
06989A00     Amp power-up worth nothing on pick-up 
06989A02     Amp power-up gives you Mega-Amp-type chords 
06989A03     Amp power-up gives you Chorus-type chords 
06989A04     Amp power-up gives you Distortion-type chords 
06989A05     Amp power-up gives you Homer-type chords 
06990000     Distortion power-up worth nothing on pick-up 
06990001     Distortion power-up gives you Amp-type chords 
06990002     Distortion power-up gives you Mega-Amp- type chords 
06990003     Distortion power-up gives you Chorus-type- chords 
06990005     Distortion power-up gives you Homer-type- chords 
06994AAD     Schwing item worth nothing on pick-up 
06997AAD     Worthiness item worth nothing on pick-up 
06999DAD     Heart item worth nothing
069C9B80     Invincibility (Wayne doesn't blink) 
069CAFAD     Infinite Worthiness 
069CE510     Invincibility does not last as long after getting hit 
069CE5FF     Invincibility lasts longer after getting hit 
069D94BD     Invincibility lasts forever after getting hit (Wayne blinks)

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