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80848A04     Play stage 2 in story 
80848A06     Play stage 3 in story 
80848A08     Play stage 4 in story 
80848A0A     Play stage 5 in story 
80848A0C     Play stage 6 in story 
80848A0E     Play stage 7 in story 
80848A10     Play stage 8 in story 
80848A12     Play stage 9 in story 
80848A14     Play final stage in story
80897820     Each round is 20 seconds 
80897840     Each round is 40 seconds 
80897860     Each round is 60 seconds 
80897880     Each round is 80 seconds 
81A5F416     Start with 1/4 health--player 1 only 
81A5F42C     Start with 1/2 health--player 1 only 
81A5F442     Start with 3/4 health--player 1 only
81CAEFFF     Allows you to select any character in a vs. computer game. 
81CEF300     Allows you to select same player vs. same player in a 1-player vs. 
2-player game (must select 2nd player using right button, not left) 
A7D8F018     Syoh and Zazi's High Fist Thrust does more damage 
A7DB2424     Syoh and Zazi's Sliding Heel Kick does more damage 
A7DD1000     Syoh and Zazi's Big Head Thrust Punch does no damage
A7DD1024     Syoh and Zazi's Big Head Thrust Punch does more damage--from close up only 
A7DDF72A     Syoh and Zazi's Palm Hit Drop does more damage 
A7DE4A24     Syoh and Zazi's Flying Side Kick does more damage--from close up only 
A7E14524     Syoh and Zazi's Ball of Energy does more damage 
A7E30824     Zazi's Blue Thunder Punch and Syoh's Dragon Blade does more damage 
A8DEE918     Kotono's Sweeping Knee Kick does more damage 
A8DF2B18     Kotono's Flying Side Kick does more damage 
A8DFD11E     Kotono's Straight Line Slash does more damage 
A8E5FB1E     Kotono's Drawn Sword Mist Slash does more damage 
A8E79024     Kotono's Special Kick does more damage 
A8EB511E     Kotono's Flying Swallow Double Drop does more damage 
A8EBD41E     Kotono's Flying Swallow Point Break does more damage 
A8EBE518     Kotono's Double Edge does more damage 
A9E26524     Vortz's Big Double Sledge Hammer does more damage 
A9E2972A     Vortz's Diving Elbow does more damage 
A9E30B1E     Vortz's Diving Knee Pad does more damage 
A9E3AF2A     Vortz's Low Aerial Drop Kick does more damage 
A9E44418     Vortz's Low Kick does more damage 
A9E4962A     Vortz's Middle Kick does more damage 
A9E54E2A     Vortz's Lightning Tackle does more damage

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