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06B91BAD     Infinite energy--not on car stages 
06B9611F     Shorter invulnerability after being hit 
06B961FF     Longer invulnerability after being hit 
06C15103     Get rapid fire on dying 
06C1552C     Don't lose missiles on dying 
06C1582C     Don't lose grenades on dying 
06C1E52C     Infinite grenades 
06CB9C02     2 grenades on pick-up 
06CB9C0A     10 grenades on pick-up 
06CD71AD     Infinite missiles 
80823703     Start with rapid fire
80B18CAD     Infinite lives--not on car stages 
80C6DB01     Start with 1 life 
80C6DB09     Start with 9 lives

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