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Super Turrican

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games

00820802     Start on level 2 
00820803     Start on level 3 
00820804     Start on level 4 
00820805     Start on level 5 
00820806     Start on level 6 
00820807     Start on level 7 
00820808     Start on level 8 
00820809     Start on level 9 
0082080A     Start on level 10 
0082080B     Start on level 11 
0082080C     Start on level 12 
0082080D     Start on level 13
00821001     Start with 1 continue--Easy/Normal only 
00821002     Start with 2 continues--Easy/Normal only 
00821005     Start with 5 continues--Easy/Normal only 
0082100A     Start with 10 continues--Easy/Normal only
00821019     Start with 25 continues--Easy/Normal only 
00821032     Start with 50 continues--Easy/Normal only 
00821063     Start with 99 continues--Easy/Normal only 
00826100     Start with 1 life--Normal/Hard only 
00826101     Start with 2 lives--Normal/Hard only 
00826104     Start with 5 lives--Normal/Hard only 
00826109     Start with 10 lives--Normal/Hard only 
00826118     Start with 25 lives--Normal/Hard only 
00826131     Start with 50 lives--Normal/Hard only 
00826162     Start with 99 lives--Normal/Hard only 
008482AD     Infinite continues
00B2F000     Start with no "smart lines"
00B2F001     Start with 1 "Smart Line" 
00B2F002     Start with 2 "smart lines" 
00B2F004     Start with 4 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once 
00B2F005     Start with 5 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once 
00B2F00A     Start with 10 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once 
00B2F019     Start with 25 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once 
00B2F032     Start with 50 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once 
00B2F063     Start with 99 "smart lines"--only 3 shown at once 
00B3D52C     Never change weapon type (use with Code 19 or 20 for blue or yellow, 
or by itself for red)
00D700AD     Infinite lives 
00D7B080     Level timer doesn't count down (infinite time) 
00D880AD     Invincibility (falling in a hole still kills you) 
00D88DAD     Infinite "smart lines" 
00D909AD     Infinite wheel time 
7E04FFB0     Infinite lives 
7E04FFD0     Invincibility

00B2EC9C     All weapons maximum

00B2E101     Start with blue weapon
00B2E102     Start with yellow weapon

00B2EC9C     Start with all weapons at maximum power (4 power-ups)

00D6DA16     Don't decrease weapon power after dying

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