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Super Strike Eagle

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01E90D40     Start with less fuel 
01E91600     Start with 0 chaff instead of 12 
01E91606     Start with 6 chaff instead of 12 
01E91632     Start with 50 chaff instead of 12 
01E91663     Start with 99 chaff instead of 12 
01E91B00     Start with 0 flares instead of 12 
01E91B06     Start with 6 flares instead of 12 
01E91B32     Start with 50 flares instead of 12 
01E91B63     Start with 99 flares instead of 12 
01E93902     Start with 2 sidewinder missiles instead of 12 
01E93919     Start with 25 sidewinder missiles instead of 12 
01E93932     Start with 50 sidewinder missiles instead of 12 
01E93963     Start with 99 sidewinder missiles instead of 12 
80980FA5     Infinite fuel 
80AF04BD     Infinite maverick missiles 
80DBC200     Infinite ammo--air-to-air mode 
80DBC20A     Use up ammo faster--air-to-air mode
80DC1BA5     Infinite sidewinder missiles
80DC84EA     Infinite flares 
80DCCDEA     Infinite chaff

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