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Super Street Fighter 2

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7E00F014     Speed Code 
7E00FF01     Super Speed 
7E0531B0     Eternal hit points for first player 
7E053706     Any special move from Ryu produces a FireBall 
7E053E31     Ultimate combo? just jump at you opponent! 
7E059A01     Super speed for player one only 
7E05EA00     Ryu and Ken have Uppercut Fireballs player 1! 
7E05F014     Ryu has a Red Fireball Everything 
7E06910E     Speed Code
7E8E5900     Speed Code
7E8EF590     Master code 
87D80600     Shadow-colored fireball.
C0D27228     Akuma mode 
C0D4A42C     Both players start with 1/4 health 
C0D4A458     Both players start with 1/2 health 
C0D4A484     Both players start with 3/4 health
C0EC4D00     The first normal hit wins (non-throw, bite, hug, etc.) 
C0F3C3FD     Super Speed Code 
C18D5FE6     R/K. No delay after throwing fireball. 
C1AA3000     Some special moves can be done in the air 
C1B83664     Dizzy effect is over almost instantly
C1CFD004     No charging required for some special moves 
C1F7C57D     Zangief's Spinning Piledriver can be performed from anywhere

C0E2380A     Every hit is a "hard hit"-opponent almost never gets knocked down

C0E23818     Every hit sets the opponent on fire and knocks him down

C0E2381A     Every hit zaps the opponent and knocks him down

C0E2381C     Every hit knocks the opponent down

C0E23830     Every hit sets the opponent on fire

C0EC4BEA     Both players are invulnerable to all damage except throws, bites, 
hugs, head-butts, etc.

C1BB5707     Players have light gravity

C1BB570B     Players have heavy gravity

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