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Super Off Road The Baja

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00BFA0AD     Indestructible tire 
00BFC2AD     Indestructible shock 
00BFE8AD     Indestructible engine 
00C642EA     Infinite nitros 
80958402     2,000 for brakes 
80958409     9,000 for brakes 
80958602     2,000 for tires 
80958609     9,000 for tires 
80958802     2,000 for shocks 
80958809     9,000 for shocks 
80958A02     2,000 for lights 
80958A09     9,000 for lights 
80958C02     2,000 for engine 
80958C04     4,000 for engine 
80BF6C30     Vehicle can take only about 35% damage
80BF6C60     Vehicle can take only about 60% damage 
80BFA0AD     Indestructible tires 
80BFC2AD     Indestructible shocks 
80BFE8AD     Indestructible engine 
80C642EA     Infinite nitros

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