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Super Metroid

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70801204     Add ball 
70801205     Add ball and varia suit 
70801207     Add ball, varia suit, spring ball 
70801227     Add ball, varia suit, spring ball, gravity suit 
7080122F     Add ball, varia suit, spring ball, screw attack, gravity suit 
70801310     Add bomb 
70801311     Add bomb and hi-jump boots 
70801331     Add bomb, hi-jump boots and speed boots 
70801333     Add bomb, all boots 
70801601     Get wave beam 
70801603     Get ice and wave beams 
70801607     Get ice, wave, and spazer beam 
7080160F     Get ice, wave, spazer, and plasma beams 
70801710     Add charge beam
7080360A     Maximum missiles= 10 
70803619     Maximum missiles= 25 
70803632     Maximum missiles= 50 
7080364B     Maximum missiles= 75 
70803664     Maximum missiles= 100 
7080367D     Maximum missiles= 125 
70803696     Maximum missiles= 150 
708036AF     Maximum missiles= 175 
708036C8     Maximum missiles= 200 
70803A05     Maximum super missiles= 5 
70803A0A     Maximum super missiles= 10 
70803A19     Maximum super missiles= 25 
70803A32     Maximum super missiles= 50 
70803E05     Maximum super bombs= 5 
70803E0A     Maximum super bombs= 10 
70803E19     Maximum super bombs= 25 
70803E32     Maximum super bombs= 50 
70804E00     Set hours played to 0 (for better ending) 
708158FF     Crateria is already mapped out 
708159FF     Brinstar is already mapped out 
70815AFF     Norfair is already mapped out 
70815BFF     Wrecked ship is already mapped out 
70815CFF     Maridia is already mapped out 
70815DFF     Tourian is already mapped out
7E09C27E     Unlimited Life 
7E09C6FA     250 Missiles 
7E09CA63     99 Super Missiles 
7E09CE63     99 Super Bombs 
7E0A7780     Hyper Beam from start
82A17B8D     Start with hyper gun in inventory 
82DA0C44     Keep the colors from the last room or area you exit (if the part of 
an area is red and black,going into another area will allow you to keep the colors!!!) 
82EEBB00     Skip intro and start on Planet Zebes when starting a new game 
90BEBFAD     Almost infinite missiles 
90BEC4AD     Almost infinite super missiles 
90C02DEA     Almost infinite super bombs 
90D0CEAD     Super jumps don't drain energy 
91D0CEAD     No energy drained from enemies
91DF71AD     No energy loss from enemies 
9CBEBEAD     No energy drained from enemies.
80928781     Red super Bomb explosion

C27E0432     Infinite Energy

70801380     Add X-ray

70801390     Add X-ray and bomb

708013C0     Add X-ray and grapple

708013D0     Add X-ray, grapple, bomb

708013F3     Add all boots, bomb, grapple, X- ray

708033F3     Start with about 500 energy tanks

708033BB     Start with about 700 energy tanks

708033E7     Start with about 1000 energy tanks

708033AF     Start with about 1200 energy tanks

708033DB     Start with about 1500 energy tanks

8180BE1C     Master code

81A8AF80     Select area when loading a game (press right on map screen to select)

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