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Super Mario Kart

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Sent in by Jaguar 7E1D0003 In time trial 1P mode, always have special cup, but thats the only cup you can trial in. Also, the words Special Cup you cant see. 7E10A002 Ramps/Bumps do nothing, and if you fall of cliffs, the cloud thing won't help you, but you are able to get out yourself!!!!! 7E0066xx Modifier for which character you are FORCED to pick during character selection. 0A Yoshi 08 Luigi 02 Princess 04 Bowser 06 Koopa Troopa 0C Dk Junior 0E Toad 7E0085xx - Modifier for which CC class you want to select. (Even if you have not earned 150!) NOTE: The odd numbers automatically select the cc class listed (When you select GP race for 1p, it'll skip the cc select and say: Are you sure you want: 1P - GP Race - WhateverCC). The even numbers goto the cc select part, then just hit enter and you'll have whatever mod you put in. 00 50 CC 04 150 CC 02 100 CC 03 (Auto) 100 CC 01 (Auto) 50 CC 05 (Auto) 150 CCX 7E0D70xx Replace xx with the item you want to throw/lay/perform, although the box shows something else. NOTE: You dont get to throw this item any old time, only when you have an item in your item box, then you press A. 01 Feather 02 Star 03 Banana 04 Green shell 05 Red shell 06 Invisible!!! 07 Coins 08 Lightning!! 09 Little Boost + Invisibile 10 Banana + Little Boost 11 Banana + Coins + Little Boost! 12 Banana + Coins 13 Mushroom 14 Jump + Boost + Banana + Coins 15 Banana + Coins + Lightning Power! 16 Invincible + Coins 19 Invincible + Boost + Coin + Banana 22 Feather, banana, lightning power 25 Boost + Hit by green shell that just appears + Invincible (after hit) 27 Shoot green shell & become invincible! 28 Invincible + Shoot a red shell 30 Feather + Invisible + Coins 32 Feather + Shoot a green shell
63B6F4F6 Makes Princess Invisible 759DC8B4 Mud and other land doesn't effect driving 7E015404 Infinite Continues 808A731C No background music in lap 5 80908640 Change Princess to Mario; change second letter to F for Bowser; 4 for Princess; 7 for Kong Jr.; 0 for Yoshi; 9 for Koopa; 1 for Toad 80908844 Turns Donkey Kong Jr. into Red Yoshi 80908A40 Change Koopa to Mario 80AA2316 Sensative steering 80AA23C1 Allways in last place 80AA23F2 Strange dust appears and disappears, stay in turns longer 80E8B07F This is the BEST code for Super Mario Kart, it inables you to use any item at anytime, even if you don't have any items in your item box! To activate the code, you have to press Left on the directional pad (you need to do this at the start of each race, if you fall of the track (ghost valleys and rainbow road), or fall in water). Items: Feather Y, Mushroom A, Banana Select, Green Shell L, Red Shell R, Star X, (you can also use ghost and lighting, but I forgot how... I've heard its Up + Y for one and Down + Y for the other, but I can't always get it to work) 80EAB3DE For those of you that want a little more challenge when they are intangible, enter this code to become invisible as well as intangible. 80EAB3FE When intangibility just isn't enough to defeat those computer driven psycopaths, enter this code. As with the intangibility, the special feature is acitivated by a mushroom or turbo. This special ability is the gift of FLIGHT! Almost always guaranteed to supply you with the victory. 80EAF36C Invincible!!! 80FA9312 Makes the CPU really stink at driving. Screws up cars though. When this code is in use the cars are boxes with short lines of color at the top. 80FA9320 Allows you to drive anywhere! 80FA934E Don't lose coins 80FA934F Computer spins out constantly 80FA9383 All racers look like ghosts + Mud doesn't slow you down 80FA93A9 Driver can't move 80FA93AB Drive Sideways 80FA93B3 Kart goes bezerk and keeps spinning. 80FA93E2 Making turns doesn't slow you down (no friction) 80FA93E8 Awesome Donkey Kong Jr. 80FA93EE Instant top speed/Instant stop 80FA93F1 Can't pick up coins, ? marks 80FA93F5 Mud and other land doesn't effect driving F7B78E5B FCEF0DFF These codes can cause a slight increase in acceleration for the various karts. 00FE9F10 80CAF3DA 80FA9329 80FA93E0 Hop code

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