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Super Castlevania 4

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7E007C03     This cheat will give you infinite lives.
7E13F214     This cheat will give you unlimited extra weapons.
7E008E0A     0 - none, 1 - knife, 2 - axe, 3 - holy water4 - boomerang, 5 - clock
0094C9FF     Use weapon on 1st enemy and get an x-tra life
0094E0FF     Invincible, if collect meat makes you vulnerable 
0094E999     Start with 99 hearts 
0094EAFF     1st heart gives you 99 hearts
00BD54C8     Infinite shots for most weapons 
00DD1C0D     No energy lost when hit by some enemies 
00DD4C0D     Kill enemies and bosses faster with most weapons
00DD6B0D     When you fire your weapon, it hits 5-6 times before it evens gets to
the target. 
00DD6C0D     When weapon hits enemy or candle, it keeps hitting the target till 
it dies. Works best with the daggers 
00DD780D     When fire weapon, any candles or enemies in front, above, or below
gets damaged. 
00DDE81D     Enemies, candles, and bosses die in your pressence. 
02800580     Stop timer 
0280A200     Infinite lives 

0094DD85     99 Men

00A1D113     Invincible

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