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Super Battletank

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7E049E42     Unlimited 120mm cannon.
7E04A001     Unlimited laser guided missiles.
7E006700     When this parameter is entered the players tank damage is 
cleared when the Action replay is Activated. Leave the switch on to take no damage.
7E05C4FF     This parameter will give you unlimited fuel.
7E04A296     This parameter is for unlimited machine gun.
7E00250X     This parameter will start you from level X+2 e.g. enter 4 to 
start from level 6
7E002501     Level 1 
7E049E42     120 MM Cannon
7E04A001     Laser Missile 
7E04A101     Smoke
7E04A296     Machine Gun 
7E05C4FF     Fuel
0098032C     Infinite weapon ammo 
00CDA2A5     Take no damage from most enemies or mines 

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