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Street Fighter 2

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7E0C2BB0     Unlimited energy for player 1.
7E0C0D00     Player 1 color (change the last two zero's for different colors).
7E0E0D00     Player 2 color, enter both the above parameters for each 
player the same color.
7E0BF220     Allows players to be the same character, try this with the 
codes for both players the same colors above for some interesting effects.
7E0E2BB0     Unlimited energy for player 2.
7E0C6001     This is soon to be infamous speed fighter code it speeds 
the whole game up to about double speed.
7E0CB200     Allows all special moves of player 1 to be done in mid air like 
sonic boom and yoga flame.
7E0EB200     Allows all special moves of player 2 to be done in mid air like 
sonic boom and yoga flame etc.
7E0ED000     If you are player 1 you continue playing until you win your 
2 matches, player 2 never wins.
7E0CD000     If you are player 2 you continue playing until you win your 
2 matches, player 1 never wins.
7E0CD002     Player 1 only needs 1 win to go through to the next round.
7E0ED002     Player 2 only needs 1 win to go on to the next round.
7E0ED10X     This code allows player 1 to play any enemy all the way through 
the game including the final bosses, use the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 
9, A, B in place of X for the appropriate baddie.
7E0CD10X     As above but for player 2.
7E0C35B0     Throws player 1 high into the air, switch the Action Replay off 
to bring him down to earth.
7E0E35B0     Throws player 2 high into the air, switch Action Replay off to 
bring him down to earth.
7E01B942     Slow fireballs 
7E0BF220     Same Character VS Same Character 
7E0C0D40     Cool colors for M. Bison and Turbo colors for Chun Li
7E0C2BB0     Unlimited energy for player one
7E0CF0D4     Hyper fighting colors for Chun Li and really cool M. Bison colors.
7E0E4535     Player Two takes on colours of their opponent
008019FF     This code adds a few pounds to the world warriors, making them
appear as block figures instead of their normal svelte selves. 
0082AFFF     This code is for anyone tired of the same old backgrounds. 
If you hit pause during the fight, the background will begin to mutate until you 
unpause the game. 
008330C0     There are several strange effects resulting from this code. Among 
them--no life gauge, no score listed, the screen spacing is whacked out, and other stuff. 
008766EA     This code disables the energy bar, so you can't tell how close to death you are. 
00896FA9     Invisible Fireballs, Sonic Booms, Yoga Fires and Yoga Flames
00BB4201     Alone, this code shortens the match to one fight. 
00BB4203     This code enforces tennis rules on the Street Fighter tournament, 
best of five, winning by two. 
00BB4208     Primary effect is to lengthen the matches to the best of nine, but a 
cute side effect is the attack noises of the characters become mixed up around bout 
five. Especially funny is the DP in round five/six. 
00BB4211     Makes the match last infinite rounds.
00C08033     This lets you fight Ryu for the entire game. 
00CAF114     Alone, this code appears to only force player two to be the fighter 
at whose stage the contest is occurring.
00CB4595     Practice against Bison. 
00CC7E86     This code is for the duelist in us all, for with it the two world 
warriors begin their fight back to back in the center of the screen. 
00CD1E74     This code makes the characters only face right, and the neon colors 
are present again. 
00CD1EE1     The characters appear upside down, plus they exhibit the neon colors, and
when a throw is executed the colors change again. 
00CD2E64     A couple interesting effects are: players face to the right for the entire
fight (allowing some interesting moves, i.e. a foot first Sumo Torp, etc.) and the first 
player will assume the color of the second (example: player one is Chun-li, player two 
is a blue Blanka. Chunners will look bluish with gold outfit.) 
00CD5EFE     This code is for all of you tired of the same old blue fireballs, yellow 
sonic booms, and orange yogaballs. It varies the color of each from round to round. 
00CDCE00     With this code, any character performing a special move becomes
invisible. Once invisible, the character can only damage the other player with throws. 
00CE0EB5     For the unusual effect, when this code is used in conjunction with the 
JAB, your world warrior will disappear from the screen, only to come falling down
from the top of the screen microseconds later. 
00CE2264     Ever want to give someone a quick one two? With this code entered the 
jab and short buttons become a one two attack. It works like this: for characters with an
uppercut (K/R/G), if you push the jab button a jab will come out, immediately followed 
by an uppercut. For characters with a roundhouse, the result is the same, substituting the
short button for the jab, and the following roundhouse for the uppercut.
00CE2EA2     Perform special moves in the air (i.e. Honda or Chun-li can levitate 
in the air in 100-hands/lightening kick, and other interesting possibilities). 
00CE4E86     For the novice or the jaded veteran who just doesn't feel like using 
special moves, this code disables special moves. Plus, those who keep trying to do a
special move with this code entered will soon find themselves dazed and at their 
opponents mercy. 
00CE7E94     You tell yourself, if only I didn't have to charge up for that last flash 
kick, I would've kicked his tail. Well, with this code you don't need to charge for
special moves anymore. It works like this: 1. PERFORM the flash kick or other
charged move in the normal fashion the first time. 2. BEFORE the move is finished, 
pull your joystick back to the charge position. 3. WHILE holding the joystick in the 
charge position, hit either roundhouse for kick-charged special moves or fierce 
for punch-charged moves. 4. REPEAT step 3 to your hearts content! 
00DA619E     To greatly increase the damage power of your blows, use this. 
00DAEE04     This code makes blocking a HK worthless, for it will still do the 
same amount of damage. Maybe this makes the HK worth doing? This code also affects 
Chun li and E. Honda. It makes it worthless to block Chunner's Spinningkick and
Lightningkick, and Honda's (gives the term 'coffin corner' a new meaning!) 
00DBE241     To cause your blows to do various amounts of damage, use this. 
00DD2C07     The computer cannot block low attacks 
00DE4900     K/R. This code is similar to an off speed pitch because it slows 
Ken/Ryu's fireball down. This effects starts on the second FB. 
00DE6E49     To cause your blows to make the "hit" sound even when the moves 
are blocked. "This can be disconcerting, " says The Jesster. 
00DE9E49     This code is similar to an off-speed pitch because it slows Ken/ Ryu's 
fireball down. This effect starts on the second fireball. 
00DEE250     Blood 
00DF5F9D     This code is for the true long range attack artist. As far as I could 
discern, every attack (except throws) reached across the length of the screen.
0180656A     Plater 1 is fast, player 2 is slow! 
01807505     Some special moves are faster 
0180756A     This speeds up both players about double 
0185D550     Tap down to disappear 
018662FF     When you land the computer will get thrown again no matter where it 
is! Use repeated holds and throws to destroy the opposition.
01866300     Allows both players to perform special moves in the air 
0186A22C     This code allows all of the world warriors to copy Chun-li and Vega by
bouncing off the wall. 
01876AFF     Makes the computer automatically execute the last move you did 
whenever you land after jumping. so, if the last thing you did was a throw, head bite,
yoga nugie, etc... your opponent is history!! keep jumping, and he will be thrown, etc 
no matter where he is... 
0195F5FF     This prevents your opponent from recovering from a dizzy, allowing you
to walk right up and do your worst. 
0195F600     This code minimizes the dizzy time, but doesn't eliminate entirely. 
0198D4FF     Now to be fair to all of you that live and die by the throw, this code 
powers up throws so much that only one is necessary to win the fight. However, this 
quick death can be prevented by accepting the throw passively (no button or joystick 
movement), and then only normal throw damage is enforced. 
0198D6FF     Throws do no damage. 
0198D7FF     This code makes your common, everyday throw more potent than the
dreaded SPD. 
019BBE0C     Do special moves by just pressing buttons (may make Fireballs lower) 
01B5F5A0     Ever get weary of having to get close to Zangief to throw that big lumox 
to the dirt? Well, if you are Ken, Ryu, or Guile this code allows you to throw your
opponent from wnywhere at the push of any button! [Warning] This code affects
the other players in strange ways: Chun li & Zangief; frozen when a button is
pushed and they are on the ground, air and special attacks are unaffected;
Blanka, Dhalsim, & Honda; only do a wimp move when any button is pressed on
the ground, again air and special attacks are normal. 
01B6D244     This eliminates the need to push a button to perform one of
Ken, Ryu, or Dhalsim's moves. That's right, all you have to do is perform the
joystick motions, no button pushing necessary! 
01B820FF     This code is another no charge code. This one is easier to use, it works 
like this: 1) perform the charged move the first time, charging before the match 
starts will count as the first charged move!, 2) do the motion of the charged move 
to perform it, without the wait (ie, just go back then forward/punch to do a Blankaroll).  
01C02526     Does Honda kick you in the head whenever you do a fireball? Well, this 
code is the answer to your problems. Instead of going into the vulnerable fireball
position, you do a block when you shoot a fireball. As an added benefit, the fireball 
is invisible. 
01C02583     This code makes you invisible for the time required by K/R for recovery 
after shooting a fireball. Warning: it might be possible to be thrown when you are invisible.
01C0451A     There is no recovery time taken by K/R when this code is used. 
01C07244     Very High DP 
01C0763E     Dragon punch does not go as high 
01C076DC     Dragon punch goes higher 
01C0C2B5     This code makes it easier to connect on a DP, because instead of 
flying up in the air, you slide along the ground. 
01C0F245     Teleporting dragon punch 
01F8E433     Ever wonder where the wind from Ryu's victory stance is during the 
rest of the fight? Well, this code simulates a strong wind blowing from right to 
left, which has some interesting effects on projectiles: Ken/Ryu/Guile: on the left -
projectiles go backwards on the right - projectiles are faster Dhalsim: on the 
left - projectiles go backwards on the right - projectiles are much slower, the jab 
is almost stationary 
01F8E500     Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires always go to the right (thrown 
to the left, they go backwards) 
02807C2A     For all of you Ken/Ryu fighters out there who wonder where your
multiple DPs are, we've heard that this code makes it easier to do more than one in a row. 
0281FECE     Projectiles are invisible with this code, not so good news for the above
mentioned fans. 
02826EFF     This alters the color of the backgrounds so that they are inverted. (The 
Nintendo and CAPCOM screens are blank in beginning). 
0289A553     This code disables all projectile attacks, good news for all you Chunner,
Honda, Blanka, & Zangief fans. 
0289B26B     No Fireballs, Sonic Booms or Yoga Fires, makes Yoga Flame invisible 
079BB000     Fireballs are lower to the ground 
079BB060     Fireballs are higher off the ground 
079BBDF0     Light Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are super fast 
079BBDF9     Light Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are faster 
079BBDFF     Light Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are slower 
079BBFF0     Medium Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are super fast 
079BBFF9     Medium Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are faster 
079BBFFF     Medium Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are slower 
079BC1F0     Hard Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are super fast 
079BC1F9     Hard Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are faster 
079BC1FF     Hard Fireballs, Sonic Booms and Yoga Fires are slower 
07AA8920     Lets you play the champion edition mode without the controller sequence.
0880EAA6     Vertical HK with DP
0880ECA6     Vertical HK with DP 
0880EEA6     Vertical HK with DP 
0A8A19BB     Soft Music 
0A8A2DF4     Loud Music 
0A8A8DF4     High Tone Music 
0A8A99F4     Low Tone Music 
0A8AADDA     Mysic and sound is altered.
0A8AD8F1     Mute 
0A8AE8F1     Coconut Drums And Tiny Voices!! 
00E08A2F     To moderately enhance the power of your blows, use this.
00E08A31     This long-reach code makes all blows reach across the screen, but 
 only certain ones will do damage. Special moves appear to damage from across the

00DF7B81     Players can hit each other no matter where they are

01807501     The combination of these two codes will cause player one to become a
heavy favorite to win the fight. This is because player one's speed is greatly increased, 
where player two's is drastically decreased. Just watch M.Bison crawl around the
screen! This code could also be a useful handicapping tool. 

00A81F11     Advances you to the next level (Switch off the code before M. Bison beats you!)

00BD8E01     The rounds last until time runs out (so if the time is turned off, the 
bout never ends). Also, if time is on, the winner is the one who is defeated (i.e., 
lying face down in the dirt).

00CB2E80     Bonus Stage One.

00CB3B00     Bonus Stage Two.

01C0F204     These four codes make Ken/Ryu virtually undefeatable. The effects
are: 1) the DP flies across the screen, similar to the Turbo SF2 2) after the first
DP is performed, the player only needs to hit a punch button to do another one
(The same applies for HK & FB) 3) the special moves work in the air as well.

00CE2D46     Midair 
00CE2D80     Most special moves disabled (computer can still do them, Zangief
can still do Spinning Clothesline)

01C044C0     No pause after throwing a Fireball

07986EF9     Light Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are faster

07986EF0     Light Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are super fast
079870FF     Medium Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are slower

079870F7     Medium Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are faster

079870EE     Medium Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are super fast

079872FF     Hard Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are slower

079872F5     Hard Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are faster

079872ED     Hard Sumo Head Butts and Rolling Attacks are super fast

0880EEA6     Ken/Ryu does a vertical hurricane kick when you do a dragon punch 
with either jab or fierce. They do a normal dragon punch you do a dp with strong. 

7E0ED108     Add to original boss code to play M.Bison vs. M.Bison.

0880ECA6     This is an expanded version of a Pair of codes in this list. The earlier 
version would make Ryu/Ken do a  "Dragon-Hurricane-Kick" when you performed a
normal DP with the Jab or Fierce buttons. But with the MIDDLE code, this trick
works with Strong. BTW, each code changes the move for only one button, so you
can pick which button(s) you want to change.

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