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Spider-Man and the X-Men Arcade's Revenge

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0082BA00     Start with 1 life instead of 3 
0082BA04     Start with 5 lives 
0082BA06     Start with 7 lives 
0082BA09     Start with 10 lives 
0082BA19     Start with 26 lives 
0082BA32     Start with 51 lives 
0082BA63     Start with 100 lives 
00ACDEAD     Infinite Lives for Wolverine 
138105AD     Gambit  has infinite lives 
18808DAD     Spider-Man  has infinite lives 
188B60AD     Spider-Man is invincible after getting hit (blinks) 
188D58F8     Spider-Man jumps higher (if you jump too high in some places you die) 
18AA9800     Protects Spider-Man from most hits (lose no energy) 
18AFA5AD     Protects Spider-Man from ground hazard (looks like silver weeds)

188BF60A     Invincible spiderman 

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