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Sim City

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Sent in by Jaguar 7E0BA520 + 7E0BA64E Your population is 20,000. Note that it does not increase/decrease when this code is on. 7E0B53A0 + 7E0B540F With this code, it will be year 4000! Again, note that the year doesn't change when this code is enabled.
01BBC2AD Money doesn't decrease for most types of spending 01BBC2FD Infinity money! 03803700 Time goes faster 0380370F Time goes slower 7E03F501 Villa house bonus gift 7E03F502 Villa house bonus gift 7E03F503 Park bonus gift 7E03F504 Zoo bonus gift 7E03F505 Casino bonus gift 7E03FF50 No bonus gift 7E0BF9EB $49,000.00 all games 03C69160 03C692EA Start easy game with $60,000

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