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Secret of Mana

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games

00A9A340     Makes every treasure from a Tsunami a Doom Trap 
00B5CD22     Talking to the air 
00B88BFF     The character you play can't use his weapon normally 
00C88BFF     Every thing is mixed up 
00D6650C     Music Code
00DC43CC     Scrolling when moving up doesn't happen. This adds a
new challenge to the game for those who think they know everything about the
game, let's see you navigate through this one 
00E56D0A     Things disappear and reappear 
00E5ED0A     Every one is the hero, even treasure chests 
00E5ED0F     Flash as different things nearby (random) 
00E5ED1F     All chars are invisible heros 
00E5ED9A     Turn into different things in different places 
00E5ED9C     Shadows with weapons 
00E5EDA9     Switch from invisible to things nearby (random) 
00E5EDB9     Just shadows and weapons
00E5F8F0     Makes the characters look like they are dancing strangely as they walk. 
00E5F8F4     Nothing but shadows show for players, enemies 
00FE2CC6     Start a new game with all the weapons except the sword 
0196A277     Messed up princess
0196E2BB     Screen gets progressively worse as you mave around 
01D65245     Erases whatever character attacks with a hand weapon from the game
completely. They just vanish and you have one less party member. 
01D65295     Earthquake code 
01D652AA     Sword won't work
01D6A277     Teleport at random, same with enemys 
01E64200     Hero's face blinks 
01E642AA     Hero's face is weird 
01E65200     Girl's face blinks 
01E652AA     Girl's face is weird 
01E66200     Sprite's face blinks 
01E662AA     Sprite's face is weird
01E68200     Characters and baddies are completely invisible 
01E692E8     Characters have no face 
01E6A2E7     Cloudy day-scenery is dimmed
01E6A2E8     Call Flammie without drum!!!!!! 
09FEECB2     Makes you invincable 
158BF668     Gain a level after you destroy a guy.
16DEFA91     Gain a level after defeating enemy 
16DEFA9B     Gain a level after desroying a guy. 
1889A7F3     Gain levels 
1A87F568     Gain a level after you destroy a guy. 
28A0FDA4     Start new game at Level 16
34907744     Talking to the air 
3F87301F     Hero will automatically do his highest attack without charging up 
6DA6846D     Always get a treasure cheat 
7ECC6CBF     Maximum Money 
7EE38663     Locks Girl's MP at 99 
80C35944     Start new game at Level 16
BEE3C3FF     Different tune of overworld music
C0C0BEBD     Protection from most hits
C0C0CE80     To use this code you go fight an enemy and hit him once. The game 
will freeze and you will hea the sound that you hear when you go up levels. Let this 
go on for a while then turn the effects off. Then the game will unfreeze and you will 
be up many levels. You can do  this more than once. This code not only raises your
overall level but once on level 99 turn off the effects, turn them back on, hit an enemy 
and your weapon level will go up! Also turn on the effects and hit the enemy, wait for
a while, and turn the effects off and on again and they will die! As the bosses get 
stronger you will have to wait longer. 
C0C0CEBD     Start with the effects on and hit an enemy. He will keep on losing the same
amount of power as he lost when you hit him the first time. 
C0C0CED0     Similar to my level up code but weapon levels go up. 
C0C0DEFD     Start out with the effects off and wait untill you run low on MP. Then 
turn the effects on and everyone will gain 99 HP . 
C0C28A80     (Part 1 of 2) Always get a treasure chest after defeating an enemy. 
C0C28B01     (Part 2 of 2) Always get a treasure chest after defeating an enemy. 
C0C3597F     Weapon Skill increases very quickly. 
C0C800BD     Prologue:
C0CE5D81     Start new game at Level 16
C0CE5D8F     After one enemy is destroyed raise to level 53
C0CE5DF1     Enemies are scared of you, they may take damage 
C0D7B3FF     Start new game with 255 GP 
C0D7B480     Start new game with 32,768 GP 
C0D7B4FF     Start new game with 65,280 GP 
C0FD1EAF     Items in the shop at Potos are free if you have enough money 
C0FD1EFF     All item shops are free. (Neko is not free)
C3E0ADE8     Walk through walls 
C8E724B9     Infinite magic points (Includes monsters). 
C9CF9D00     Staying at Neko's costs nothing instead of 30 
CA8E9FFF     Chest in elder's basement in Potos gives you 65360 GP 
CA8EAFFE     Get the chest in the elder's basement over and over again 
CDA9F2A4     Start new game at Level 16
D0C2895A     Rraises the HP of level 16 to 235. 
D0C289AF     Raises the HP of level 16 to 995. 
D0C28B5A     Strength for level 16 is 90 
D0C28C5A     Agility for level 16 is 90 
D0C28D5A     Constitution for level 16 is 90 
D0C28E5A     Intelligence for level 16 is 90 
D0C28F5A     Wisdom for level 16 is 90 
D0CDED7F     Magic Skill increases very quickly. 
D8FB9400     The super expensive armor at the gold city and neko's at lost 
continent is either very cheap or 0.
D8FB9C00     Candy costs nothing 
D8FB9E00     Chocolate costs nothing 
D8FBA000     Royal jam costs nothing
D8FBA400     Medical herb costs nothing 
D8FBA600     Cup of wishes costs nothing 
D8FBB600     Bandanna costs nothing 
D8FBB800     Hair ribbon costs nothing 
D8FBBA00     Rabite cap costs nothing 
D8FBE000     Overalls costs nothing 
D8FC3000     Wristband costs nothing 
E88F4800     All things at Neko's are free

C0BA33AD     Staying at the inn in Potos is free if you have enough money

008A9C00     Start new game at Level 16

008B5E00     Talking to the air

A91B0510     Strike an enemy and go up a level

C0C0BFBD     Can't be hurt by hits or magic. Also, 95% of enemies are 1 hit, even bosses!

C0C0CEBD     Infinite enery, power ups quickly, one hit wonder

D8FBA300     Faerie walnut costs nothing

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